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  • 22:01 @sengels2 whoa. that's a whole lot of cameras. #
  • 22:01 sudafed is majorly kicking in. to bed with me. night twitterverse. #
  • 06:21 okay, okay. i'm up. 'spose i should get ready for work. meh. #
  • 08:10 i'm reading your words. they're scrawled on the page. they lay here in silent rage. (god, i love this song.) #
  • 09:09 ahh...the joys of data entry. i get to write off 500+ customers who haven't paid their bills. joy of joys. #
  • 09:33 @NinasFeet it's just an Anodyne kind of day, isn't it? #
  • 09:34 @tracybegins oh geez, bb! procrastinators 'r u! have fun!! wish i could be there. :( #
  • 10:09 the only thing keeping me awake through all this monotony is an ipod full of dfc, mwk, ryan star, phil marshall, incubus, tsc and jew. #
  • 10:40 @tracybegins you're quick! (twss!!) #
  • 11:07 @annettefordavid she's apparently a dfc person. i don't know her, but i accepted her follow and she's not a crazy. #
  • 12:45 @dizzysyd yay!!! can't wait to see it!! #
  • 12:45 @_whatshername that part of the song is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite. #
  • 12:46 @becky43078 @sengels2 happy birthday!! #
  • 12:47 @lkenner my mom is perfectly aware of my obsession. i figure i have the upper hand because she's obsessed with Twilight. #
  • 12:55 @dizzysyd no surprises! #
  • 13:26 @dizzysyd no, i meant just say no to surprises! i want to know! #
  • 13:34 no idea what to eat for lunch. *sigh* it's a daily struggle... #
  • 14:04 @Cashmere that seriously made me LOL! #
  • 17:37 @lovesickass dave's face is priceless. #
  • 17:40 Lost or The Unusuals? hmm... #
  • 17:46 @quillons settled on My Boys first. i don't really go anywhere to get spoiled for Lost these days. will watch it next though. #
  • 18:20 @kccatdr guuuuuuh. *snags @sengels2's bday present* #
  • 18:27 prettyprettypretty. twurl.nl/o1x6d5 courtesy of @kccatdr #
  • 18:33 @sengels2 now i feel bad! it was @kccatdr's present for you, not mine. #
  • 20:02 Winchester boys time!! #
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