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obsessed with this song. with the way he sings it. with the lyrics. with the guitar. everything is just so...guh. so much love i can't even articulate.


baby it's our hearts' slow beating
that make us grow old
i mean to say there's no one helping
we're digging our own hole

i'm reading your words
they're scrawled on the page
they lay here in silent rage
i'll hold you to this
for as long as i breathe
much more than whispers

if i ever found a one leaf clover
it would be you
wishing that such heights were lower
and nothing is new

citing your verse, it couldn't sound worse
the black recital i did rehearse
we all die alone, and as i'm clenching this phone
can't imagine a slowing hearse

how many times will i play the hero
how many lies before it's true
how many times will we clock out at zero
how many tries before we're through
how many lives till another you

the scars are slowly healing
the lips have regained feeling
the obstacles are kneeling
the final wax is sealing
the great white ships are sailing
the feet have left their railing
the four last hooves are hailing

how many times will i play the hero
how many lies before it's true
how many times will we clock out at zero
how many tries before we're through
how many lives till another you

baby it's our hearts' slow beating
that make us grow old
i mean to say there's no one helping
we're digging our own hole

my favorite part is the part i bolded. seriously, if you've never listened to a David Cook song before now, listen to this one. (camera work is a little shaky at first, but hang in there. it's totally worth it.)
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so...i'm sure you've seen me mention this guy, David Cook(or whatever), a time or two. right? well...as i'm sure most of you already know, on saturday i finally got to see him live and experience his extreme awesomeness in 3D. my dad, who is also pretty heavy in the awesome department, went with me. we got to the venue around 4 pm and there was already a good 100 people in line ahead of us. it was cool though because we were surrounded by great people and had hilarious conversations. doors opened at 6:30 and i spent the next 3 hours or so crammed like a sardine as close to the stage as i could get(about sixth row center).

first up was Ryan Star, who was absolutely phenomenal! he's extremely energetic and animated and it's nigh impossible to get a decent picture of him when he's onstage. i had no idea that he was on Rockstar: Supernova until i got home and looked him up on youtube. if you haven't heard of him before, he's definitely worth a look. word is his new cd will be out on june 2nd! you can find him on myspace, facebook and twitter if you're so inclined. funny story. after the show i bought his cd and gave it to my dad to go get signed while i was waiting to buy some DCook merch. dad gets up to meet him and Ryan asks who to make it out to and my dad says, "it's for my daughter. make it out to her, please." and the lady behind him teases, "suuuuure, it's for your daughter." dad laughs and tells Ryan that he really enjoyed the show, but it really is for me. Ryan then proceeds to sign the cd with "Tiggy, Your Dad ROCKS!". dad brings the cd back to me and i laugh and then we go see if he's still signing and taking pictures. luckily, he is! i finally get to the front and he reaches out to take my cd to sign and i tell him he already has and point to my dad. he laughs and says, "i really did think it was for him". hee!! he's a great guy and i plan on supporting him as much as possible.

i'm not sure what i can really say about seeing David live that hasn't already been said a million times by a million different people. he's amazing and it's hard to tear your eyes off of him because he's just so comfortable doing this thing that he loves. during the set i was mostly reduced to screams and utterances like "guh" "nnnnnnnnnnggggh", which pretty much sums up how i feel about him in general. so instead of trying to put into words how awesome this concert was for me, i thought i'd just post some of my favorite pics and link my videos.

they're under here. )

to sum up: A+++++. would rock again.
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i'm sure most of you have heard me whine/bitch/moan about the fact that David Cook isn't coming anywhere near me for his Declaration tour. well...i was on ticketmaster looking up the shows in Atlantic City(for research purposes. *ahem*). as i'm looking i see a show listed in knoxville. WTF?!?! why is that not listed on his official site? then i look on stubhub.com and see a show listed in memphis!! double WTF?!?! is this normal? are ticketmaster and stubhub wrong? if not, i am totally willing to pay $77 a ticket to see him in memphis. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!! who do i contact to find out that dfc is definitely going to be the headliner and this isn't just a typo that thinks all current shows of Ryan Star are associated with him.

[edited to add: i just reloaded his official site and those dates are there!!!! i'm totally going to see him. oh my god!]
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Permanent in Biloxi.

his faaaaaaaaaaaaaace, you guys. gah. i wanna squish him.
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oh, lj!! don't leave me!!!

seriously, it's going to be so quiet on the internets today with no lj in an hour or so. :( i have not backed anything up. my seven and a half years of history better be intact when we have power again. you hear me, PTB? *skaky fist*

i expect twitter and facebook will be getting quite the workout from ljers today. everyone should go buy David Cook's album today to pass the time. *nod* see y'all on the flip side!

p.s. i'm not sure this icon was ever more appropriate.
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only 3 days until DCook's debut albut comes out. everyone needs to go buy it. you can stream it here in the interim. meanwhile, i'm watching this on a pretty constant repeat. the only song i'm not really feeling in that line up is Heroes. Declaration is killing me with its hotass combination of guitar, lyrics, and percussion. Lies has completely won me over and i think a lot of that has to do with watching him perform it live. Bar-ba-sol? still my favorite. watching him sing it makes me want to throw him down and shag his brains out. guh. fucking swagger is right, DCook.

oh to be that mic stand...
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i decided to check my account balance with AT&T to see just how bad i went over my text messaging plan last month. i owe $89.66. that's $34.40 in overages. bwah! oh DCook, the things i'll do for you. i just counted up the number of texts i sent on finale night and it was 446. i'm guessing with phone calls i voted upwards of 600 times. obsessed? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

in related news...

yes, please!

if the image kills your flist i can't be held responsible will cut it.
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really quick before i head out the door. David Cook fans are the best. seriously. i really can't wait to hear what David's reaction to this is.

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*squishes him* whywhywhy is the Idols tour not coming here this year?! gah!! i just might have to drive to lexington.

oh and if you haven't already, go add him on myspace.
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i feel so sorry for west coasters. it really is impossible to stay unspoiled for things like American Idol finales, isn't it? well...i'll cut this in case you've actually managed to stay unspoiled. )
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AI results )
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so...who wants to discuss Skins with me? or how about how awesome it is that Brian Austin Green has been made a series regular on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. or maybe how excited this video makes you. or maybe just general squeeing over how awesome DCook is and if he's going to knock it out of the park again tomorrow night.

i'm not picky, i'm just feeling a need to be fandom-y.
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dude. why do i feel so protective of David Cook? why does it bother me SOMUCHOMG when someone calls him smug/pompous/douchey/whatever?!?

i have been having a discussion with some people at b.org since the show ended tonight and i'm still seriously WTF about people calling him that. confident, yes. shy, yes. smug, no fuckin' way!! i just don't. get. it!

i wasn't nearly this protective of Blake last year and people said some pretty shitty things about him too. but i was never this affected by it. maybe DCook is more of a woobie than Blake. hee!
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i'm only mad/annoyed that one person is there and that's Luke Menard. homeboy can't sing, ya'll and Josiah was robbed by having him there. everyone else at least has some pipes and deserves the chance to be there.

i think this year's Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta, has a great voice but he was boring as hell tonight. same goes for Jason Yeager, Garrett Haley, Chikezie and David Hernandez. Robbie Carrico just wants to be rock because other than the way he dresses, there's nothing about him that's rock. his voice is way too...weak or something to be anything other than pop. sorry, Robbie.

i'm voting for David Cook(who didn't have his best performance tonight), Jason Yeager(who i want to see get another chance since this is the first time we've even seen him perform), Danny Noriega(who is just fabulous though i have to be honest that i'm afraid he might turn into this year's Sanjaya), Colton Berry(who i also want to see more from since this is the first we're really seeing of him), Jason Castro(who is pretty much a breath of fresh air this season) and Michael Johns(who keeps winning me over with his awesome song choices and great vocals).

so far my favorites are Michael Johns, Jason Castro and David Cook.

p.s. i miss Blake, but i was hella amused that they used his song to reintroduce all the guys with their audition clips. hee!


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