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i feel so sorry for west coasters. it really is impossible to stay unspoiled for things like American Idol finales, isn't it? well...i'll cut this in case you've actually managed to stay unspoiled. )
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AI results )
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dude. why do i feel so protective of David Cook? why does it bother me SOMUCHOMG when someone calls him smug/pompous/douchey/whatever?!?

i have been having a discussion with some people at b.org since the show ended tonight and i'm still seriously WTF about people calling him that. confident, yes. shy, yes. smug, no fuckin' way!! i just don't. get. it!

i wasn't nearly this protective of Blake last year and people said some pretty shitty things about him too. but i was never this affected by it. maybe DCook is more of a woobie than Blake. hee!
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i have to be honest. i'm getting entirely too excited about the Twilight movie after seeing all the pictures people are posting from the location shoots. most especially these. R Pattz is definitely looking more like Edward to me and i never had a problem with Kristen Stewart as Bella. (though i will still admit to being worried about the Jacob casting.) bring it on, Summit Entertainment!

i also have to be honest that i'm really digging Lost again this season. maybe it's because the producers finally have an endgame, i'm not sure. i feel like they know where they're going and they're enjoying messing with my head and for the first time since the first season i'm completely okay with it. plus, it's good to see Harold Perrinau again. he won my heart at the first D:LA. bring it on, Bad Robot!

i'm also completely in love with America's Best Dance Crew. if you're not watching, let me give you some reasons to.

can you tell my favorite episode to date is the Michael Jackson tribute night? tonight's episode was great too though. if i could find a video of it and that headspin i would add it right now. this show is different than SYTYCD in that the contestants are coming up with their own routines. there are some SYTYCD ties though. remember Jamal? Shane Sparks is also one of the judges. i ♥ him.

next week is the finale. so if you can catch up via youtube or some other source, i highly recommend it. there's some pretty phenomenal dancers.
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so it looks like i'm going to have to reevaluate who my favorite AI season 7 contestant is going to be. because i can't support a song stealing/royalty screwing asshat. complete and utter fail, Michael Johns. i would be a hypocrite if i supported you after denouncing the band KANE after they screwed one of their band members out of royalties and are still pretending as if he was never a part of the band. sidenote: how's that record deal goin', boys? ha!

seriously, though. i can't support Michael Johns if that's the kind of person he is. so Jason Castro? keep up the good work and you will be my new number one!

thanks to [livejournal.com profile] expatiates for the heads up on Michael Johns. i knew something had to be wrong for us not to be agreeing on AI contestants. ;)
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i'm only mad/annoyed that one person is there and that's Luke Menard. homeboy can't sing, ya'll and Josiah was robbed by having him there. everyone else at least has some pipes and deserves the chance to be there.

i think this year's Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta, has a great voice but he was boring as hell tonight. same goes for Jason Yeager, Garrett Haley, Chikezie and David Hernandez. Robbie Carrico just wants to be rock because other than the way he dresses, there's nothing about him that's rock. his voice is way too...weak or something to be anything other than pop. sorry, Robbie.

i'm voting for David Cook(who didn't have his best performance tonight), Jason Yeager(who i want to see get another chance since this is the first time we've even seen him perform), Danny Noriega(who is just fabulous though i have to be honest that i'm afraid he might turn into this year's Sanjaya), Colton Berry(who i also want to see more from since this is the first we're really seeing of him), Jason Castro(who is pretty much a breath of fresh air this season) and Michael Johns(who keeps winning me over with his awesome song choices and great vocals).

so far my favorites are Michael Johns, Jason Castro and David Cook.

p.s. i miss Blake, but i was hella amused that they used his song to reintroduce all the guys with their audition clips. hee!
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you guys!! i am t minus 2 hours from seeing Blake in concert!!!! yay!!!!!

there's been a change in plans and instead of my sister going with me, i'm taking my niece to her very first concert. she keeps rushing me to come on. i think she might be excited. she hasn't even seen AI. i told her she had to yell for Blake to come with me. *g*

umkay. better go get ready. i'm wearing my "Blake is my Idol" shirt and my plaid converse-like shoes in honor of Blake and the Blaker Girls. wheeee!!!

*crosses fingers that the seats are close enough for me to see really well*
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is it zombie day today? do i need to hide until it's over? cause me and zombies are NOT like peas and carrots. they terrify me. it's totally irrational fear, but still. haaaaaaaaaaaaate.

i went ahead and bought the Pentax A30. consensus seemed to agree that it was the best camera and with the $50 mail-in rebate, i really couldn't beat that price for a 10MP camera. i placed the order this morning and it shipped this afternoon. i'd say that's pretty good customer service!

finally got my Blaker Girl shirt. it's only been in nashville since last friday. ugh. stupid USPS. worse news is that i'm probably not going to keep it because it's just too small. maybe i'll get my own made or something...

SYTYCD was fabulous tonight. i do believe i might have to eat my words about Lacey Schwimmer(and the top 20, really) because she was totally my favorite. i've rewound and watched her performance three times now. seriously beautiful stuff.

voting for: Lacey & Kameron, Sara & Jesus, and Lauren & Neil.
going home? possibly Ricky's partner whose name i can't recall right now and i don't know who else.
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dear america, )
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banner by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] expatiates

hopefully i'll be home from my hair appointment in time to watch live, but i'm not betting on it. i couldn't decide if i wanted him to win, but i think i've finally decided. i want him to kick Jordin's ass and make Simon eat all the words he's said about him. yes. so i'll be voting my freakin' fingers off and so should you!!
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guess who just got tickets to American Idol's tour? MEEEEEE!!!! i'm so excited to see Blake in person. please just don't let there be any annoying teenyboppers screaming in my ear. especially teenyboppers who are screaming for Sanjaya.

i'll be here... )

if anyone else wants to get tickets before they officially go on sale saturday, you can use PopTarts offer code of crazygood. who else is going??? come squee with me!!!

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] aka_becker!!!

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tv the past couple of nights has been awesome. Heroes has me in such a state of fangirlyness and i can't even vocalize how much i loved it.

AI was pretty fantastic tonight with all Bon Jovi, all the time! Blake just kills me. there were a few weeks there when i was sort of tapping my fingers waiting to see him be Blake, but he brought it tonight and i am the 50% of the audience that Simon said would LOVE it.

for those who are interested, tonight's song. (originally ripped/uploaded by the lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] expatiates.)

i also have to say that i really, really liked tonight's VM. i'm not certain it's on an upward trend, but i definitely felt better about this episode than i have for quite a bit of the season. we'll see how the last eps go. i have semi-spoiled myself, but i've come to realize that reading about something and seeing it happen on my screen are entirely different things. so i'm hanging in there until the bitter end.
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banner courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] expatiates

p.s. every vote donates $.10 to the Idol Gives Back charity. so vote! vote a lot!!! (especially for Blake.)
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i'm not sure i've said so here, but i freaking love Blake Lewis. he's the only contestant i'm voting for and he's probably the only one of the group that i'd buy a cd from. i might make an exception for Chris, but i'd have to hear it before i bought it. Blake's i'd buy on blind faith. last season i wasn't devoted to any one contestant. i voted for whoever i thought did the best that week. this season's entirely different for me. AI has never seen a contestant like Blake. i'm not sure they even realize what a goldmine he is. i honestly don't even think he needs to win to be a superstar, but it'd be freaking amazing if he did.

FNL continues to be one of the best shows of 2006-2007. (sidenote: if you didn't watch, the summer is a perfect time to catch up. believe me, you won't regret it.) that was a phenomenal ending to the season. we just better get more in the fall. do ya hear me NBC? renew. it's not like you're keeping much else around anyway. The Black Donnellys anyone? *shakes head* if it weren't for FNL, Heroes and The Office i'd never watch your network. everything else is entirely missable to me.

extremely brief Lost thoughts under here )
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that little girl on AI had me cracking UP, you guys!!! i was waiting, waiting for Ryan or Simon to say something. *wipes tears* hysterical stuff. she's going to be mortified in a couple of years for re-enacting the original British Invasion of the Beatles on Sullivan. at least she was relevant for tonight. *snerk*

voting for: Chris R, Blake, Phil, Jordin, Gina, Chris S. though to be fair, i voted for Blake and Gina multiple times and the others only once.
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just got a chance to watch last night's and tonight's AI. shocked and pleased all at the same time. america is craxy. for real.

why isn't tonight friday night? i don't wanna go to work tomorrow. meh.
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no watch 'n post tonight because this place has been a madhouse tonight. suffice it to say that Blake continues to be amazing and really he's the only one that i enjoyed tonight.

however, i am voting for: Blake, Chris R, Phil and Chris S.
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AI reaction under here. )
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another watch 'n post. )

my freaking TiFaux taped Jericho instead of FNL. i'm hoping mom and dad's taped it or i'm gonna have to resort to other methods.

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] bellanut and [livejournal.com profile] schnappycat!!!

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a watch 'n post, if you will. )
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i'm pretty sure tv is trying to break me tonight and i haven't even watched Grey's Anatomy yet.

The Office stuff under here )

AI results )

the final OC EVER )

now. do i watch Grey's Anatomy and cry some more or save it for another day? hmm...
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AI bored the crap out of me until the last three girls. Lakisha totally deserved the pimp spot. she rocked it.

i can't even work up the will to tell you what i didn't like about the other 9 girls. just very meh. the judges and i were definitely on a different page. especially randy. he'd keep 4 guys and 8 girls for the top 12? try reversing that sucker for me. can randy please stop saying "pitchy" and "to be honest"? gah! also, i'd really freaking love for Paula to have to go first for once. does she ever have an original thought?

voting for(obviously): Alaina, Gina and Lakisha.

now it's time for some FNL.
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i can't even discuss VM. i just...can't.

i do have thoughts about AI though. should i cut? eh. i didn't last year. so i won't this year for performances.

Rudy, i love ya, but that was a bad song choice. please do better. Brandon, you have a great voice. i'd like to see some personality from you. Sundance? oy. i predict you will be one of the two gone. Paul, i love that song, but it's not for you. you have an awesome voice. pick better songs and get rid of your bare feet shtick. feet are gross. Chris Richardson, i can't stand that song. you added your own flare to it, but i'm still not that impressed. you need to pick better songs too. Nick, that song was too big for your voice. i'm predicting you'll be gone too. Blake, whoa! i totally was NOT expecting Keane from you. awesome! Sanjaya, boring. pretty voice, but B-O-R-I-N-G. Chris Sligh, i really like you. you have a decent voice, but you're going to get much farther than you probably should because of your personality. (p.s. who sings that song he was singing tonight?) Jared? *yawn* i would forget you. in fact, i already have. AJ, nice voice, but forgettable as well. Phil, it started out weak, but you got more comfortable and owned it quite a bit there in the middle. nice.

WTF is up with the song choices tonight. REALLY. the only good one was Blake.

guys i'm voting for: Rudy, Brandon, Chris Richardson, Blake, Chris Sligh and Phil.


Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] egoboy1!!!

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FNL comment )

AI musings )
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i haven't posted in, like, a week. that's rare for me. before you get excited, this post has no substance. just SYTYCD musings. )

must go rewatch that Benji/Donyelle intro again and laugh my ass off.
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the plan tomorrow is to make a giant thank you post to those of you who wished me a happy birthday today. i tried to stay on top of them all, but i know i've missed replying to some of you.

the day was pretty good. just another normal day, really. next weekend will be the fun weekend.

i'm really posting to expose one of my worst pet peeves EVER. couples who make joint accounts for things like livejournal or myspace or even email. it makes me crazy. why can't they be like every other person in the world and make seperate accounts? are they not two seperate people with many different interests? you know what it says to me? that they either don't trust each other or there's someone in the relationship who's lacking trust in the other. if any of you do this, please don't tell me. seriously. HUGE pet peeve. there's cute and then there's sickening. this definitely falls under the latter.

lastly, i'm in love with So You Think You Can Dance. more specifically, Benji and Donyelle. they are SO AWESOME together. OMG!! i'm also really liking Travis and Heidi. i think i'm only liking Heidi so much because i've seen her perform with Benji and they were pretty freaking phenomenal too. check them out. awesome. Musa is fun to watch too. mostly because he's one of few who has no formal training and you never can tell how well he's going to take what's thrown at him.

all of them make it look so easy and i wish i could move half as good as they do.

okay, i better get to bed. thanks again for all the birthday wishes. i will make that post tomorrow.
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ugh. my arms hurt. combination of walking with weights and guitar playing. my right shoulder really doesn't like the way i position it when playing the guitar. better do some strengthening exercises. stat.

doesn't it feel like it should be the weekend? or is that just me?

also, benji on So You Think You Can Dance is freaking awesome. tap boy goes hip hop. woo!!

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] firephly!!!

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quickly before i take myself and my pounding head to bed.

AI results did not surprise me.

Lost was great...for about three minutes out of the 42.

tomorrow? expect a nostalgic post at some point.


Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] rachelmack!!!!

i hope you had a good one.
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it's a good thing typing doesn't require ears because i'm fairly certain Pickler just forced my ears to self destruct to protect themselves from further torment. she's fucking awful, america!! seriously. GET HER OUTTA THERE!!!!!

if this counts as a spoiler, y'all haven't been watching AI this season.
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AI results )



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