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so...i'm sure you've seen me mention this guy, David Cook(or whatever), a time or two. right? well...as i'm sure most of you already know, on saturday i finally got to see him live and experience his extreme awesomeness in 3D. my dad, who is also pretty heavy in the awesome department, went with me. we got to the venue around 4 pm and there was already a good 100 people in line ahead of us. it was cool though because we were surrounded by great people and had hilarious conversations. doors opened at 6:30 and i spent the next 3 hours or so crammed like a sardine as close to the stage as i could get(about sixth row center).

first up was Ryan Star, who was absolutely phenomenal! he's extremely energetic and animated and it's nigh impossible to get a decent picture of him when he's onstage. i had no idea that he was on Rockstar: Supernova until i got home and looked him up on youtube. if you haven't heard of him before, he's definitely worth a look. word is his new cd will be out on june 2nd! you can find him on myspace, facebook and twitter if you're so inclined. funny story. after the show i bought his cd and gave it to my dad to go get signed while i was waiting to buy some DCook merch. dad gets up to meet him and Ryan asks who to make it out to and my dad says, "it's for my daughter. make it out to her, please." and the lady behind him teases, "suuuuure, it's for your daughter." dad laughs and tells Ryan that he really enjoyed the show, but it really is for me. Ryan then proceeds to sign the cd with "Tiggy, Your Dad ROCKS!". dad brings the cd back to me and i laugh and then we go see if he's still signing and taking pictures. luckily, he is! i finally get to the front and he reaches out to take my cd to sign and i tell him he already has and point to my dad. he laughs and says, "i really did think it was for him". hee!! he's a great guy and i plan on supporting him as much as possible.

i'm not sure what i can really say about seeing David live that hasn't already been said a million times by a million different people. he's amazing and it's hard to tear your eyes off of him because he's just so comfortable doing this thing that he loves. during the set i was mostly reduced to screams and utterances like "guh" "nnnnnnnnnnggggh", which pretty much sums up how i feel about him in general. so instead of trying to put into words how awesome this concert was for me, i thought i'd just post some of my favorite pics and link my videos.

they're under here. )

to sum up: A+++++. would rock again.
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i'm sure most of you have heard me whine/bitch/moan about the fact that David Cook isn't coming anywhere near me for his Declaration tour. well...i was on ticketmaster looking up the shows in Atlantic City(for research purposes. *ahem*). as i'm looking i see a show listed in knoxville. WTF?!?! why is that not listed on his official site? then i look on stubhub.com and see a show listed in memphis!! double WTF?!?! is this normal? are ticketmaster and stubhub wrong? if not, i am totally willing to pay $77 a ticket to see him in memphis. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!! who do i contact to find out that dfc is definitely going to be the headliner and this isn't just a typo that thinks all current shows of Ryan Star are associated with him.

[edited to add: i just reloaded his official site and those dates are there!!!! i'm totally going to see him. oh my god!]
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you guys!! i am t minus 2 hours from seeing Blake in concert!!!! yay!!!!!

there's been a change in plans and instead of my sister going with me, i'm taking my niece to her very first concert. she keeps rushing me to come on. i think she might be excited. she hasn't even seen AI. i told her she had to yell for Blake to come with me. *g*

umkay. better go get ready. i'm wearing my "Blake is my Idol" shirt and my plaid converse-like shoes in honor of Blake and the Blaker Girls. wheeee!!!

*crosses fingers that the seats are close enough for me to see really well*
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guess who just got tickets to American Idol's tour? MEEEEEE!!!! i'm so excited to see Blake in person. please just don't let there be any annoying teenyboppers screaming in my ear. especially teenyboppers who are screaming for Sanjaya.

i'll be here... )

if anyone else wants to get tickets before they officially go on sale saturday, you can use PopTarts offer code of crazygood. who else is going??? come squee with me!!!

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] aka_becker!!!

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We are heading out on the road in support of Black Holes and Revelations and we are offering our online fans an opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets via the Muse Ticket Page for the shows listed below:

Sep 10 Cleveland Agora Theatre
Sep 11 Columbus Lifestyle Communities Pavillion
Sep 13 Nashville War Memorial Auditorium
Sep 14 St. Louis The Pageant
Sep 15 Kansas City Uptown Theatre
Sep 18 Houston Verizon Wireless Theatre
Sep 19 Grand Prairie Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie
Sep 21 Las Vegas The Joint
Sep 26 Salt Lake City Salt Air
Oct 03 Portland Roseland Theatre

Internet pre-sales begin Wednesday, August 9th at 11:00 AM in EST.

You can access the ticket page at http://ticketing.concertmaps.com/muse

The login credentials are:
username: muse
password: tickets

And a great thanks for all the support!

so when are you coming to town, Cat? *g*
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i'm not going to mention how much i love the VM fandom because really, it goes without saying. you guys are made of so much awesome it's not even funny.

the real reason i'm posting is to give those interested the setlist from the Common Ro show on friday night. i also have a couple of goodies that i'll put at the end of the post. i've been trying to wait on the guys to upload a song from that night to their myspace account, but they're slacking. (touring is hard. yeah...whatever. *g*)

5/26/06 - Nashville Common Ro setlist
Satan, No
How To Lose
(i freaking love this one. [livejournal.com profile] foxant10, this is the song i told you about on the phone.)
Down in Front
(i'm not sure about this one. the handwriting is iffy.)
Let 'Er Go

i really don't think they played all of these, but since they were all new songs, i have no idea which ones were played and which ones weren't. this album definitely sounds like it's going to be more folk-y than The Big Fear. i liked everything i heard though.

goodies are back here... )
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friends bailed on seeing Common Ro with me tonight(holiday weekend plans). they don't know what they're missing. thankfully i have a super cool sister (hi [livejournal.com profile] 3maries!) who's willing to go with me. it's going to make me all nostalgic for you bronzer-shaped people. the last time i saw them was when [livejournal.com profile] chi2cali, [livejournal.com profile] foxant10, [livejournal.com profile] carpedi7, [livejournal.com profile] keiran_c and Lady Ireland were in town for the Vulkon(*gag*) Buffy/Angel Convention in 2003. [livejournal.com profile] socks_192 and [livejournal.com profile] ubervixen were there too, but they live(d) here at the time. [livejournal.com profile] socks_192, you still do, but you get my point. </rambling> i miss you guys!! *sniff*

so anyway. i'm off to get ready to go out. will report back about how the guys do. if i have cell reception i might make a voice post. we shall see...
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they're calling for snow here tomorrow, which means it's unlikely that i'll be going to the CoRo show. yes, i'm a wuss who won't drive in snow unless i absolutely have to.

i got an email from ticketmaster this morning with all the upcoming concerts. i set that up because i don't listen to the radio anymore and didn't want to miss any good bands that were going to be here. guess who's coming... the format! they're one of the many bands i've fallen in love with thanks to VM. i must go!! who's gonna go with me?

now panic! at the disco just needs to come to town.
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Duran Duran? fucking amazing. i danced my butt off. i don't think i've ever sweat as much as i did tonight. i totally wouldn't be surprised if i lost ten pounds.

simon, john, nick, andy and roger. you rock my world. not to mention anna and andy. the back-up singer and saxophone player respectively.

they played pretty much every song i wanted to hear except The Reflex. well...they didn't play anything from Big Thing, but that cd isn't a fan favorite for some reason. so i'm not surprised. they actually played more new songs than they seem to at all the other cities. which is fine because i like the new cd, but most of the crowd seemed to be there to hear the old stuff since they were all back together. people kept sitting down for the new stuff. made me sad for the guys.

i took some pics(and one video), but i don't think they turned out very well. we weren't that close and my camera doesn't handle dark and very far away well. i did do a self picture of me and my sisters before and after the concert. after we'd sweat every ounce of make-up we had put on. swear to god. hottest i've ever been. EVER. my clothes were soaked. i wanted to strip naked and walk back to my car.

one of the best concerts i've been to. the boys have definitely still got it. mmm...simon. mmm...john.

OH!! i almost forgot. they were promoting upcoming shows on the giant screens and i saw coldplay. who's openng for them? RILO KILEY!! awesome. i love summer concerts.
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i have a million different posts in my head, but i can't seem to concentrate long enough to write any of them. much less one. it's annoying.

that being said...this will be a very random entry. a hodgepodge, if you will.

something is up with me. for some reason my eating schedule has been completely thrown for a loop. when i wake up in the mornings i'm starving. then i eat something once i get to work and i'm either not hungry at all by the time lunch rolls around or i'm starving. again. then when i get home from work i'm starving again. it's not like i've changed anything either. i'm eating at the same times, for the most part. there are also times when even the thought of food just makes me nauseous. so...i don't know. it's just weird and trouble-making.

yesterday i went for my follow-up with the oral surgeon. everything seems to be fine. all the stitches came out on their own. they gave me a little syringe like thing to put mouthwash/salt water in to clean out the holes that were left. apparently those will take another 2-3 weeks to close up. joy. i'm not even going to discuss the nastiness factor. i'm sure you can all imagine. blech.

tonight is the Duran Duran concert. i'm excited beyond belief. i'm glad we went ahead and got seats instead of doing the whole grass seats thing because it's been raining for days. sitting in mud is not my idea of fun. plus, we'll be closer. oh simon. how i heart thee. i don't care that you're old enough to be my daddy.

i just found out the Killers will be in louisville on the 20th. i'm so fucking tempted, but i don't see me driving alone. nor do i see anyone i know going with me. *sigh* such is the life. maybe they will do a real tour sometime soon and come here.

i also really want to go see Green Day and Weezer. they'll be here on august 15th. i'm just really loving both of their new albums. i could probably get my sister and nephew to go to that one with me. will have to think more about that.

all you Veronica Mars fans on my flist who can't get enough posts about the show on your flist, join [livejournal.com profile] vmrandom. it's silly fun. (let's keep the crazies out though, huh? and no, [livejournal.com profile] eirefaerie, i'm not talking about you. *g*)

tomorrow? i plan on vegging all day and watching Dr Who ep after Dr Who ep. though there are only 13. so i'm going to be very disappointed when i have nothing left to watch. do we know when the second(or whatever it is) season starts?

i also want to have a Firefly marathon before i see Serenity. i haven't watched it in so long that i have a feeling it will be like watching it for the first time. it was like that with Roswell. though in Roswell's case i was watching some of those eps for the first time. i stopped watching sometime between seasons two and three.

okay. i think that's enough random for one day. i do have two more things to say...

Happy Belated Birthday [livejournal.com profile] kibarika!!!

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] the_partyman!!!

is it really your birthday, P? why doesn't The Birthday Gnome have you on the list at beta? hmmm? you've been deceiving us all these years. ;)


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