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regarding the judging in gymnastics going on in Beijing. i feel like nothing has changed since Athens. there is something completely WRONG going on and the IOC is completely to blame. it's fucking ridiculous. when i asked for change four years ago, i didn't mean i wanted it to go from bad to worse! gah! incompetent judges.

Nastia? you are one hell of a woman and competitor. you wuz robbed!!11!
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some things just never change. still can't stand Elfie and Tim's commentary on gymnastics. SHUT UP, already! i'd rather hear Bela's inane rambling than these two. you don't have to fill every second with your stupid opinions about every thing. no, really.


p.s. i miss Svetlana Khorkina and Alexei Nemov.


Aug. 10th, 2008 08:40 pm
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i do believe this marks the first 2008 olympics post! (shame it's not for a better reason...)

women's gymnastics talk under here. )
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fellow gymnastics lovers, a heads up. apparently you can watch behind the scenes "shows" of Team USA. you can also enter to win a trip to see olympic trials in pennsylvannia next year.

just think, in 10 months we'll all be able to gush over the gymnasts and swimmers again. i wish US tv spent more time airing coverage of these sports when it's not olympics time. [livejournal.com profile] athens_daily was so much fun to watch 'lo those many years ago.

i shall use the only '04 olympic icon i still have in rotation. oh Thorpey and Pieter!
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all you have to do is look at my current user pics to see just how obsessed i am with the olympics. hee! i can't help that there are so many pretty and talented boys all in one place.

i wouldn't mind having some svetlana khorkina or dominique moceanu icons if anyone were making them. i don't like carly patterson. just something about her that bugs me.

but, wheeeeeee!!! pretty, pretty boys.

it was damn near impossible to choose which icon i wanted to use for this post.

[edited to add]

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] kaymyth!!!

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and one thing only to say.

men's gymnastic's spoilers )

gymnastics judges really need to be taken to task for the drama they've caused in these olympic games.
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let me preface this by saying i still have yet to see all of the gymnastics stuff from last night. so please don't spoil me in the comments! i've been reading the internet with my fingers over my eyes so as not to be spoiled. so far so good.

now...with that said. my one wish for Elfie and Tim? learn some new freakin' words! if i hear the word "amplitude" or the phrase"he/she really has to stick this landing!" one more time, i'm going to strangle them. seriously. ugh! let's hope NBC gets new commentators for the 2008 olympics.

in other news, i was supposed to go see Alien vs Predator tonight as a remembrance kind of thing for my cousin because it was all he talked about when he saw the first preview. however, circumstances have prevented it and it's been rescheduled for later on in the week. i think they wanted to do it on the one month anniversary, but we'll just have to do it when everyone is available. plus? i took a pain pill before i remembered that we were going. so i was already not too keen on going anyway.

i'll just spend the rest of the night alternating between watching the gymnastics i taped last night and the gymnastics that's on tonight. :)

really want new olympic icons. </obsessed>


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