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oh, fandom. why do you want me to thunk my head? why?! maybe you want me to thunk it so hard i get amnesia and don't remember the asinine things you post. is that it?! hope springs eternal.

and the winner for most ludicrous reason for shipping Edward/Bella goes to the child who posted the following:

Edward is the obvious choice for Bella. With Bella's hatred for shopping Jacob would be all wrong. Since he's a young werewolf he hasn't exactly gotten his temper undercontrol. This causes a lot of torn clothing. That means that Bella would have to take Jacob shopping quite a bit.

wow. i guess Bella doesn't really love Alice since she drags Bella shopping. < sarcasm> (nope, that tag doesn't close!)

the day E/B shippers stop calling Jacob a rapist can't come soon enough for me. i'ma make me a Twilight shirt that has this slogan on it, "rape, you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means."
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so here's the thing. the first time i saw it, i saw it with a group of friends and we went to a restaurant beforehand and i had some drinks. i had a feeling i was going to need to be a little tipsy do deal with the crazy fangirls and the oozing cheese that was sure to come onscreen. turns out the fangirls were really well behaved. they didn't even squeal the first time RPattz came onscreen. i was also sitting next to a girl(a stranger) who was a sarcastic bitch just like me. so we had a good time snarking.

that being said, )

there's probably more that i'm forgetting, but yeah. this is the jist of it. didn't love it. didn't hate it. won't own it unless i end up loving the rest of movies and want a complete collection.
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did i ever show you guys the shirt i made for the Breaking Dawn release party last month? i think i just posted it in [livejournal.com profile] sortofbeautiful. i ended up having to buy a white t-shirt and dye it the color i wanted because i couldn't find that color. then i bought iron-on letters and a stencil. i had a lot of fun making it. it was nice to use some creative juices. now...without further ado!

Team... )

cute, no?
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lately, i've come across a few youtube videos that have made my day. so i thought i'd share. some of you may have already seen one or all of these.

first the funny. )

the wow-worthy. )
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a couple of people on my flist have recently gotten into Twilight. so i thought i'd take this opportunity to link some of my very favorite fics.

Apologies by former lj user kkkkaylamariex3
What If... by [livejournal.com profile] daintress (probably my favorite fic ever)
Five Times Bella Swan Almost Lost Her Virginity (And the Time She Actually Did) by [livejournal.com profile] chipping
The Road Less Traveled by [livejournal.com profile] daintress (my second favorite fic. can you tell who my favorite Twilight fic author is?)
Fireworks by [livejournal.com profile] daintress
Then Direct You Into My Arms by [livejournal.com profile] bluesuzanne
Evaporate part one, part two and part three by [livejournal.com profile] saramiskismet

Standby by [livejournal.com profile] basicaquatics
The Road Not Taken by [livejournal.com profile] daintress (this is a follow up to The Road Less Traveled. you have to read it for this one to make any sense.)
Equally Talented by [livejournal.com profile] daintress
The One I Never Forgot (Edward) by [livejournal.com profile] dior_no17
The One I Never Forgot (Bella) by [livejournal.com profile] dior_no17
Lost by edwardsoul

Jacob/Bella/Edward aka neither pairing really applies
She's Bella, My Bella. But She Isn't. by [livejournal.com profile] likeknives flock by the author. boo!
It was Jacob's words, but Edward's Voice by [livejournal.com profile] likeknives (body-swap fic!)
The Art of Torture by [livejournal.com profile] vnfan (tent scene!)
Chasing the Storm by [livejournal.com profile] jacyevans
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i finished Breaking Dawn earlier in the day. )
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i finished The Host this afternoon. yes, i'm behind. i wanted to wait and see what a few of you said about if before i delved into it. i actually really liked it. i know some people compared it to Twilight because of the love triangle, but nothing in it reminded me of any of the Twilight characters.

i'll cut the rest of this. )

all in all, i'd say if you enjoyed any of the Twilight trilogy you'd enjoy this one. just give it more than the first couple of chapters.
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i love coming online and seeing my flist exploding!! Twilight trailer FTMFW, y'all!!!

p.s. i saw Iron Man yesterday and it is also made of awesome. i've been an RDJ fangirl for a while now. i so hope he's finally put all of his demons to rest.

p.p.s. Sam and Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean!!
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so...who wants to discuss Skins with me? or how about how awesome it is that Brian Austin Green has been made a series regular on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. or maybe how excited this video makes you. or maybe just general squeeing over how awesome DCook is and if he's going to knock it out of the park again tomorrow night.

i'm not picky, i'm just feeling a need to be fandom-y.
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*waves* to the new friends i've made via the SCC friending meme!

i'm trying to decide how i want to spend my day. i have the house all to myself this weekend since my sister and the kids decided to go visit my other sister in memphis. the plan, really, is that there is no plan. i'm going to watch movies and generally lounge about. i'm just trying to figure out what i want to watch first. i think i'm in the mood for a RomCom. that leaves The Accidental Husband and Penelope. hmmm...

i also have two weeks or so of Torchwood to catch up on. i've been pretty impressed with it this season. last season was pretty hit or miss and they seemed too absorbed with trying to be "edgy" with all the sex. i wouldn't necessarily say that's been toned down this year, but it's definitely done in a more appealing way.

on a different note, RPattz is totally Edward Cullen for me now. look! he has topaz eyes!! Kristen has definitely become Bella too. i love that they are making small changes to her(like the chocolate brown contacts) to make her more like how i imagined Bella looking. i just hope i can be this excited when we finally start seeing pictures of Jacob pop up.

okay. going to watch a movie and maybe make a chef boyardee pizza for lunch. ttfn.
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i have to be honest. i'm getting entirely too excited about the Twilight movie after seeing all the pictures people are posting from the location shoots. most especially these. R Pattz is definitely looking more like Edward to me and i never had a problem with Kristen Stewart as Bella. (though i will still admit to being worried about the Jacob casting.) bring it on, Summit Entertainment!

i also have to be honest that i'm really digging Lost again this season. maybe it's because the producers finally have an endgame, i'm not sure. i feel like they know where they're going and they're enjoying messing with my head and for the first time since the first season i'm completely okay with it. plus, it's good to see Harold Perrinau again. he won my heart at the first D:LA. bring it on, Bad Robot!

i'm also completely in love with America's Best Dance Crew. if you're not watching, let me give you some reasons to.

can you tell my favorite episode to date is the Michael Jackson tribute night? tonight's episode was great too though. if i could find a video of it and that headspin i would add it right now. this show is different than SYTYCD in that the contestants are coming up with their own routines. there are some SYTYCD ties though. remember Jamal? Shane Sparks is also one of the judges. i ♥ him.

next week is the finale. so if you can catch up via youtube or some other source, i highly recommend it. there's some pretty phenomenal dancers.
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oh Twilight fandom. my eyes, they are rolling. who cares about the effing movie? movie adaptations of books are never satisfying. we all knew going in that casting Edward(and any of the Cullens, really) was going to be an impossible task because no human is as pretty as they're supposed to be.

see the movie. don't see the movie. i don't care. but all of this chicken little crap before a single shot has been filmed? BO-ring. i'm at least going to give the actors a chance to win me over. who knows, maybe they'll become the mental picture i have when i re-read the books or maybe the movie will be so different from the book that it will be unrecognizable. point is, we don't know. so how about we save the bitching and moaning until after we see the movie?

thus ends my soapbox climb...
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i know you're probably all dying to know, but i've finished Eclipse. i. love. these. books!!! i want to do an instant reread, but i let my sister borrow Twilight.

i do not hate Jacob Black. )

so now a couple of requests. everyone who's posted about these books, please link me to your posts. i didn't read them before and now i want to know what all of you thought!

also, i've seen icons of people fandom has "cast" as Edward and Bella. where did this originate and why? i definitely don't disagree with Emily Browning as Bella, but i don't really know who i see as Edward.

lastly, where is the most sane part of Twilight fandom on lj?

oh! one more thing. when is the new book coming out? i wanna know what haaaaaaaaaaaappenssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

you guys!!

Aug. 19th, 2007 12:12 am
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New Moon!!! man, )

for anyone keeping up, yes, that is two books in as many days. i'm inhaling these suckers and i can't stop myself. even though i know it's going to be torturous to have to wait for the new book. seriously, so much love. Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice...there isn't a single character i dislike because i understand everyone's motivations. it's kind of odd.
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guess what i just finished? Twilight. there have been so many of you squeeing about it, i could only take so much curiosity. i bought all three of the books from amazon and they came yesterday afternoon. i started Twilight last night around this time and i devoured that sucker. (ha! pun intended.)

unsurprisingly, i loved it. Edward Cullen really is love, isn't he?

i suppose i'll start New Moon tomorrow. i'm feeling a little tired tonight, (sidenote: i'm still sick. the doc prescribed me more antibiotics yesterday. woo.)

at this rate, i'll be through with all three books by the time the weekend's over. is the third book it? or is there going to be more? oh and it goes without saying(i hope!), but don't spoil me!!

this post brought to you by the excessive use of parentheses.


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