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oh, fandom. why do you want me to thunk my head? why?! maybe you want me to thunk it so hard i get amnesia and don't remember the asinine things you post. is that it?! hope springs eternal.

and the winner for most ludicrous reason for shipping Edward/Bella goes to the child who posted the following:

Edward is the obvious choice for Bella. With Bella's hatred for shopping Jacob would be all wrong. Since he's a young werewolf he hasn't exactly gotten his temper undercontrol. This causes a lot of torn clothing. That means that Bella would have to take Jacob shopping quite a bit.

wow. i guess Bella doesn't really love Alice since she drags Bella shopping. < sarcasm> (nope, that tag doesn't close!)

the day E/B shippers stop calling Jacob a rapist can't come soon enough for me. i'ma make me a Twilight shirt that has this slogan on it, "rape, you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means."
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i was having fun with archive.org and looking up places i used to post and whatnot and i found some things that i felt like sharing.

for the TSSers. look at that! back when i still read spoilers and posted about them. the Magic Box! oh man, we had some fun. does anybody remember officially what year Gina closed the place down? i know [livejournal.com profile] batman made a replacement board for us, but it was never quite the same. oh and does anybody still have contact with MG? when we migrated to lj, he never did follow that i know of.

for the ck.netters/Kanies. i actually found an archive here and there of the message board, but there wasn't really anything all that interesting. i was really hoping i'd come across some of Rachel's insane ramblings because that stuff was classic!! i was trying to remember the ezboard address of the old cheese board, but couldn't and therefore couldn't see if any of the robots had picked up stuff before the great ezboard crash that lost all of our awesomeness. (run-on sentence much?) so if anyone remembers, let me know or just go to archive.org and see if any of the old posts are there. stuff from the Fight Club, for instance. there was some comedy gold in there that is probably lost forever.

for the Bronzers. man, i miss the way the board looked back then. plus, scroll down on that second link. ha!

for the Baters/Bronzers. this was my archive site that i've since taken down. the last day of the Bronze is there, my first day posting, remembering September 11 in 2002 and PBP in 2002. oh and there's also this and this, which document the Penlind debacle. scrolling through those boards was so much fun. there were so many of us posting back then. now it's, like, 5 or 6 regular posters and most of them i don't even like! *shakes head* how times have changed.

okay. thus endeth my walk. now it's time for chinese food.
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i am a spammy mcspammerson, but i can't help it.

dude. what the hell happened to Drew Goddard??? the facial hair is terrifying. seriously, what happened to the Ultimate Hottness?

p.s. go leave a comment on this moron article that implies the general public thinks the WGA are a bunch of greedy bastards. you should also watch this video if you haven't already seen it.

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one more post and then it's off to bed with me. i've been watching the Flanvention drama unfold from the sidelines, but i actually had an opportunity to use my whedonesque membership for the first time today.

BE should be ashamed of themselves for what they've done to their fellow fans and i hope every one one of the people whose money was stolen goes after them. con is an appropriate word for this mess in more ways than one. however, this has once again shown me how amazing fandom can be when one of their own is being kicked while they're down. not to mention how amazing the cast of Firefly is. Big Damn Heroes was never a more apt description.

apologies if there are typos. this has been typed with no contacts in my eyes.
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i just got this in an email and thought i'd spread the word. Michael Sutton aka Stone will be doing a webchat on december 12th.


CHAT IS 12-10


YOU DON'T NEED A WEB CAM...BUT it is more fun for Michael if you do. GO TO WWW.VUEFON.COM (which is the site for the chat) and sign up for an account .

step 1: is to log in if you're not already

step 2: there's a tiny tv at the top in the center and off to the side
there's a little button that says "rooms" click on it

step 3: then a menu of rooms pops up... click the one that says reality

and that should be that....you should be able to see him without a cam
but you won't hear him(unless you have speakers or head set).....and
you can type text back and forth......

i miss Stone. so much. i love Patrick, but Stone/Robin will always be my favorite of Robin's relationships. (don't even get me started on people who say Jason was Robin's One True Love. puh-lease!)
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these guys are both effin' nuts and awesome all rolled into one! crazy stuff.

this makes me physically hurt. dayum!


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