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I am posting this from the metallipod. hee! I love this thing. seriously.

it's a good thing I have it because I had to ship my laptop to HP YET AGAIN. this time because my LCD was FUBARed. flickering and going so dark I could hardly see anything. I guess it's a good thing I got the extended warranty since i've had to ship it back twice in 9 months.

umkay. guess I should go get ready for AWESOME THURSDAY tv. ttfn.

p.s. i don't like that it automatically capitalizes my "i". hmph.
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pluses for today
+ work day went by fairly quickly
+ named my ipod metallipod
+ uploaded music/videos/beautiful Dean wallpaper to metallipod
+ played the bowling game on my cousin's Wii with my cousin, mom and dad

minuses for today
- the back of metallipod already has a few scratches
- didn't win bowling
- haven't had a chance to watch Chuck, HIMYM or Reaper
- going to bed with a headache
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MY IPOD HAS BEEN DELIVERED!!! YaY!!!! you don't know how freaking tempting it is to go home early to play with it.

in fandom-y news, i have been fairly unimpressed with new tv so far, which is a weird feeling for me since i do love me some television. i've given up on Grey's Anatomy because of the whole George/Izzie storyline. i just can't stomach it and i don't like enough of the other characters(*ahem* Meredith, McDreamy, Burke, Calli) to sit through 42 minutes of gritting my teeth. Denny >>>> George. i'm going to pretend like the show ended after Meredith's little brush with death/Denny/Dylan. *nod*

i did give Reaper a try and really liked it. the commercials made it look cheesy and it's not. it's sarcastic and kind of hilarious. i even found myself liking Bret Harrison, which hasn't happened in the guest roles i've seen him in. so i suppose it's been put on the schedule.

Moonlight was the epitome of cheesy and only made worse by use of My Immortal. i will keep watching because i miss seeing Jason Dohring (even though i think his acting was a bit OTT for the pilot) and vampires on my tv. i'm not sure how long i'll keep up with it if it continues to be sucktastic though.

this week? Supernatural!! i'm so excited to see the boys again. there's also FNL, but i've already seen the pilot and i'm worried about certain storylines. that's all i'll say...

suppose i should go do some work.
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guess what started working on my way home from work just now. that's right!! my ipod!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

how random that it stopped working for almost three days and just decided today was the day it would work. should i be worried? all my music is now backed up on iTunes(not that it really wasn't before, but you know. can't ever be too careful.).

*pets pretty blue ipod* never scare me like that again, ya hear?!

today has been a good day.
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lj is of the major suck right now. i'm not getting email notification about all the comments you guys are leaving me. just random ones here and there. so if i'm not responding, it could very well be because of that. very annoying and i wish they'd get the whole server move completed so everything is in working order again. userpics are irritating too. gah!

while i'm complaining, i'm gonna mention an issue i've been having with the ipod. 99% of the time i have it shuffling my entire library and then just skip the songs i'm not in the mood to hear. well...about 2 weeks ago i noticed that it would list a song on the display, but it would skip over it. when i'd try to go back and listen it would skip it again. it seemed to be doing it on two very specific artists Aerosmith and The Format. so i hooked it up to iTunes, deleted those songs and re-uploaded them. it seemed to do the trick and i could play all of those songs. now? it's doing it again. same two artists, but a couple of others thrown in too. anyone know what's causing this? had it happen to you? it better not be a sign of my ipod's early death because i will be pissed. it's not even a year old yet.
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as i'm entering a customer number into the system, Green Day's American Idiot comes on the ipod. this in itself is not weird. what is weird is that the customer's name was none other than Billy Joe.

sometimes i think the ipod has some kind of weird cognitive power.

i really need a shiny, blue ipod icon for these kinds of posts...

ipod love

Aug. 5th, 2005 09:12 am
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i love my little eclectic ipod. check out the songs it just played consecutively.

Green Day - American Idiot
Duran Duran - Lava Lamp
The Dandy Warhols - We Used to Be Friends
Phil Collins - I Wish It Would Rain Down
Alanis Morrissette - Ironic
George Michael - Father Figure


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