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today is my 6th postiversary at the bronze/beta. six years. that's crazy, y'all!! some of you have been around for my newbie days and others became newbies after me, but i'm really glad you're all still in touch. let's keep it that way, hmmm? *hugs* and *smoooooooches* to you.

now i need to find the time to go scrolling after the big 10 year reunion a week and a half ago...
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OMG!! [livejournal.com profile] eirefaerie, you need to go post at beta RIGHT NOW! Artie turned on VIP colors for you!!!!! hee!!!!!

[edited to add: heh. i see on the rest of my scroll that you already know!]
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on my way to bed, but i wanted to commemorate today before i did. want to know what the 10th anniversary of Buffy means to me? this. always and forever it will be the people it brought into my life. my life would be completely different if i hadn't started watching the show and ended up on a little posting board called the Bronze.

it was so wonderful posting with everyone today. i hope the rumours of a reunion PBP next year come to fruition because i'm so there. LA in february became like second nature to me and it feels weird that i haven't been in two years now.

in conclusion, Bronzers rock and i'm a better person for knowing all of you. *smoooooooooooooches* and *hugs*.
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for those who missed it the first time or for those who just need a gentle reminder. *cough* [livejournal.com profile] cindywrites *uncough* ;)

Spread the word to lost Bronzers to meet at The Bronze Beta - Saturday March 10, 2007

Why? Because it's the official 10th anniversary of the original airdate for the show that brought us together. Should we research what various cast and crew have done and where they are now on? Should each Bronzer do a mini-bio update? Will kenickie hawk his graphic novels? Will Closet Buffyholic still be on the ledge studying for a bar exam? Will there be *sparkly tackle hugs*? Will fenric post his list at 4AM Pacific time(7AM EST, 12PM GMT)? Is there any room left on Flossie to celebrate this event? Will the Aquamarine Armband Posse make an appearance with their armbands and horsies up high? Will Cosmic Bob still have titles? Will Narrator still be oh so very WRONG(!)? Come find out and please, spread the word to lost Bronzers.

SOs to 1 cham, abt, Adri, Ajo, AKA Becker, Alantie, AliCat, Allyson, Amarra, amorphia, andeeh, andyourlittledogtoo, angela, Angelcakes RippedToast(freaky twinlet), AngelRachel, Arielle, artemis, atter, AussieBullDog, bbob, bdbdb, bec, Beldin, belmont(*smooooch*), bhd, biobabe, Blade, BlueBoy, bohemiangel, Boo, BritSlayer, brooklynrocks, Buffyenta, Calen, callistamorgan, Candy, CarpeDi, Cashmere, catmint, CeCe, Chrissi, Chrissy, Christopher Marlowe, Closet Buffyholic, Comteacher, Cori, Corina, Corvus, Cosmic Bob, Cricket, Cushy(CK sis), CYMru, Dachelle, Dak, Dao Jones, darcie, dayzee, DeAn(*smoooooch*), deadguy(my goober *g*), Dellraven, Denise, Diablo, Dirty Socks(CK cous), Downtown Apartments, DreamingHawk(CK cous), drunkenfairy, dualslayers(sislet), ducky, dudley, Dunlin, eirefaerie, ektagraph, elreyn24, elusio(look no delusional! *g*), Ergoshakes(CK sis), Eric, Eveningstar*, Extra Flamey(my huggle bunny), Evalie, EverDawn, faithx5, Falco, Fantasma(sister of the long posts), FASTEDDIE, Fatima, fenric, fibs, flipley, FortuneTeller, Frodo(RIP), fuzzywuzzy, Genevieve's Lucie, genrefan, ginger, gin soaked boy, Glow Boy, Goddess@Home, gray(RIP), green blip, greeneyes, greengirl, gsb, halfrek, Happy, helygen, Hollyn, horizon, HumVee, idream, IMMORTAL (duhh), Isis, Jaan Quidam(my PVCteer!), janni(CK mom), Jenkins, Jennifer Lynn, Joey Emma, Jo-Jo, JSG, KAM, KAT in the Dark, Kay, Kaymyth, kenickie, Kessie, Kestra Troi, Kevin_UK, Keywe, Kiba Rika, Kiera and boyfriend, Kitty, kronos, Lady Ireland, Lazy Girl, Little Hen(CK auntie), little miss muffet, little wiggins, Little Willow, littlexander, lmo, Lyndsay(CK sis), macpro75, Megdalen, melusine, Mia(momlet), milk, miller's angel, MissMoneyPenny(stubbleburn lately? and how's our harem? *g*), Miss Tartie, Molly, Moirae, Morella, Mr. Holtz, Mr. Whyt, Mrs. Beasley, Myst, Narnian, Narrator, Natasha, newfan, newt, Noetic Concordance, numba1buffyfan, nyx hunter aka joe aka mr. SlayerSteph, ojagwers, OldManFan, Original Jessica, OzLady, paks(another momlet? *g*), peanut, Petrona, Phoenix, Pooks, Portia, Prince of Lunacy, Princess of Darkness, Psyche, PTB, puckles, pumpkin, Quaint Little Shop Girl, Queen Maab, Rainbow, Raithen, Rebel, RedThunder, redwitch, Rikki, Roman Around, ronia, RTBS, Safarigirl, Saint (RIP my friend), Sarah's carl, sassyeggs, Scooby Gangster, Scourge, Seska, seniorslayer, Shanell, SheBit, shehawken, Shiraz Petra, (notso)ShyGirl, Sita the Night Goddess, SlayerGrl99, SlayerQueen, singsinthecar(ahhhh..*G*), Sir Chris, SlayerSteph, Slayfaith, Slavey, socKs, Spikmeister, SpookyMagoo, Stake, Starr, StGermain, 'stina, Stitch, *Sunburst*, SweePer, Syrdarya, Tana, TaraAnyaKate4ever, tasha, TB, Tenik, Texas Wook, TheMayoress, The Partyman, the red hood, The Sci-Fi Bard, Toni, toscem, tralfamadore2001, turtle, twilight, UrbanLeo, Vaal, VaBuffyFan, valMichael, vampire in the basement, violet...who is always weevil, white wings, wiccachick, WillowJadia, WitchChild, Xanderella, XanFan32, Y_slaybelle, Yefa, Yummy, Zeus and zoni...

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tiggy's Wolfram & Hart Annual Revue pics

just for nostalgia's sake, i'll link this too.


Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] puckles!!!

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popped into beta for the first time in...i don't know how long and Maverick had posted a link to the web archive of the Bronze. it's like a black hole sucking you in once you start reading. in doing so, i came across a post Allyson([livejournal.com profile] paperdol) made to me many moons ago and it reminded me just how much the Bronze meant(and means!) to me. you guys came along at such a crucial time in my life and i really can't even contemplate a life without you in it.

reposting because it made me smile then and it makes me smile now.

Allyson says:
(Mon Jun 11 20:06:39 2001

Tiggy: I while back,
Catherine and I started
posting at the Bronze, apparently
during a bezoar-fest not unlike
this one.

Quite a few souls came forward to
say that they were grateful for
us, that we were like an oasis in
a sea of crap. Made me want to
stick around.

I want to pass on that same
sentiment to you, now. Glad you
came along, hope you stick


p.s. this is really making me want to pull out those discs Cosmic Bob made me of about three years worth of the Bronze.
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i'm bored and actually have time on my hands at work. so i bring you...

my lj pet peeves
- people who make introductory posts in communities. nobody really cares that you just joined.

- people who say "i'm not sure if this is allowed, but..." and post whatever it is they're going to post without reading the rules to see if it is allowed.

- people who let fandom drama/crazies drive them away from their journals/communities.

- people who make dramatic flounces saying they're taking an lj(or really this applies to posting boards too) "hiatus/sabbatical/vacation/whatever".

- people who repeatedly delete and undelete their journals.

i'm sure there are more, but those are the only ones that come to me right now. i'm hearing rumblings of a VM kerfluffle, but i guess it's only at TWoP and i don't go there. it's been a while since i stretched my snarky fingers and got involved in a flame war. maybe i should go post something inflammatory at beta. like..."moo". *snerk*


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