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i haven't gotten in the fray before now, but COME ON! i know Dean vs Ten is cruel, but you must choose Dean one!! so go vote!! unless you're going to vote for Ten.

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only a couple more hours and the UKers will be enjoying the season finale of Doctor Who!! then only an hour or so more until the rest of us in the world can join in the squee/wtf/aaaaaaaaaah(!!!)-ness of it. this week has been a nail-biter after that cliffhanger RTD left us with.

now i think i will go watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall to get my mind off how long i have to wait.

oh! p.s. i saw Wanted last night. didn't love it as much as i thought i would, but it was definitely entertaining and 2 hours or so of James McAvoy is never a bad thing. even if he was sporting a generic american accent.
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Doctor Who 4x12 )
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just finished new Who. hoooooooooooooooly shit!

3x10 - Utopia (warning: excessive exclamation points used.) )

that's all i got. in conclusion, !!!!!!
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my TiFaux is tormenting me. it just changed the channel all by itself to Sci-Fi where Doctor Who is on. the episode? The Empty Child. yeah...there's no way in hell i'm watching this before going to bed. "mummy. are you my mummy?" *shudder* of course, this is also the premiere of Captain Jack Harkness. so it's not all creepy. *g*

i love Tennant, but i really miss Eccleston. he really was fantastic. do we really have to wait until christmas? Torchwood notwithstanding. *sigh*

i said really a lot in that last paragraph, huh?
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as if i haven't been crying enough the past two days. damn you, Doctor Who! daaaaaaaaaaamn yoooooooou!!!

must go take tylenol to curb this oncoming headache from all the crying. oh and watch some Sports Night because god knows i need something that isn't going to make me cry anymore.
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[livejournal.com profile] catmint68 i finally got around to uploading/listening to the new Muse songs on the ipod. LOVELOVELOVE!!! july 11th is when it's being released here in the states per their myspace. that's two good bands releasing their new cds on july 11th. everyone should check out Muse if you haven't already heard of them.

anyone remember this song? i randomly heard it on the radio the other day and remembered how much i liked it. silly fun.

Whovians were quite inconsiderate this morning and because of that i've been horribly spoiled. the BBC should be ashamed of themselves. it's called a spoiler for a reason. *hmph* people who have remarkably remained unspoiled for this bit of news, you may want to steer clear of the comments. i don't know how spoilery they'll get.
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those who have seen the newest Doctor Who, click me for a question )

do not click the cut if you are not watching the current season airing in the UK!!
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just finished watching Dr Who S28E04 - The Girl in the Fireplace. Christopher Eccleston who? seriously. Tennant is blowing my mind. he's absolutely fantastic and tonight's episode was heartbreakingly wonderful.

i love this show.

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] zimshan!!!

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haven't posted in a few days. no reason really. just don't have much to say. still don't. the most exciting thing i have to report is that my Dr Who torrent only took 3 hours to finish. it's going to have to wait until later though. right now i'm off to wal-mart to return something and grab some ravioli for dinner. then i'm heading to the sister's place to finally get around to watching Jarhead.

Format fans, if you haven't already, sign up to be on their mailing list so you can listen to clips of the new songs and vote for what should be their first single. theformat.com.

and finally, hi and welcome to the new people i have on my flist thanks to the most recent VM friending meme.
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i have done jack all today. mostly catching up on some dls. just finished ep 12 of The Inside. nice little shoutout to Rob Hall/Almost Human in that one. next ep is the one with William Mapother as the 900 lb man, right? excellent... not so excellent that it's the last episode of The Inside ever though. *sigh*

also watched the Doctor Who premiere. i'm 100% positive i'm going to love David Tennant as the Doctor. it's possible that i love him more after seeing Casanova, but i can't really say for sure. i'm really excited to see more Rose/Doctor adventures. gotta say i'm not loving Sci-Fi's representation of last season. they're cutting things out. i hate that. i hated it when FX did it to Buffy and i hate it even more that they're doing it to the Doctor.

now i'm going to start watching a canadian show that was recommended to me. it's called Slings and Arrows and has Rachel McAdams in it. so i'm there.

i'm also extremely tempted to watch some season one VM. as i told [livejournal.com profile] bellanut, so much tv(or computer). so little time.

dude. i just found some Lorraine, Trina and Stuart(and Stuart's Mom!), from MadTV, videos on youtube.com. hee!

some of my favorites:

Stuart and the baby-sitter
Stuart's been kidnapped (part two of this is better and it's got a line in it that is quoted by me often. "cigarettes are for white trash and europeans."
Lorraine at the All You Can Eat Buffet (if you don't laugh at this, there's something wrong with you. or possibly we don't have the same kind of humour buttons.)
Lorraine at the thrift store
Lorraine buys a bed
Trina celebrates Valentine's Day

okay. going to watch Slings and Arrows now. next time i'll try to be a little more random. ;)
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either i'm out of the loop or this is one of fandom's well kept secrets. did we know Anthony Stewart Head and Alexis Denisof worked together before their Buffy days? i know i didn't, but did others? also? John Barrowman(Captain Jack, people! Captain Jack!!) was there too!! now if only there were nekkidness involved. and possibly chocolate or caramel(i'm one of those who could never choose).

the UKers always get the good stuff...


Dec. 26th, 2005 12:44 am
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i have seen The Christmas Invasion and it is good. i'm no longer worried about loving David Tennant as the Doctor. he was fantastic. i miss Christopher Eccleston, but i don't think i'll mourn him for long.

UKers, is Torchwood premiering in the spring too? i don't wanna wait until the spring for more Doctor/Captain Jack goodness. want. now!!! (and by spring what date are they tossing about?)

hmmm...guess i need to rotate some tennant icons in.
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so there was this band a few years ago called Splender. some of you may remember them. they had that song called I Think God Can Explain. then they pretty much seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. even with the sophomore release of a pretty decent album. it turns out that soon after the second album was released the band broke up.

now the lead singer, Waymon Boone, is in a new band called Headrush. he actually found me on myspace because i had Splender listed in my interests and messaged me to let me know about his new band. i really liked what i heard. so here i am...passing them on. you can listen to three of their songs on their myspace profile. they're sacremento locals and are doing a few shows in that area if you're interested. they're supposedly working on a cd too. i just wish there was a way to get those three songs onto my ipod so i could listen to them more often.

i'm also excited that i've suckered [livejournal.com profile] toscem into the Dr Who fandom. those of you who like sci-fi with great actors should give it a try. i have dl links a few entries back that should still be active for other people to dl. if not, just let me know and i'll reupload. i've almost gotten [livejournal.com profile] toscem caught up with the 13 ep season.

almost forgot!

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] goloptious!!!

the doctor

Jul. 22nd, 2005 10:08 pm
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spoilers for the season finale of Dr Who )
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i have one episode of Dr Who left!! if i didn't have to get up at freakin' 5 am i would stay up to watch it.


p.s. i love the Doctor. i love Rose. i love Jack.

oh and while i'm at it. am i crazy... )
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i have a million different posts in my head, but i can't seem to concentrate long enough to write any of them. much less one. it's annoying.

that being said...this will be a very random entry. a hodgepodge, if you will.

something is up with me. for some reason my eating schedule has been completely thrown for a loop. when i wake up in the mornings i'm starving. then i eat something once i get to work and i'm either not hungry at all by the time lunch rolls around or i'm starving. again. then when i get home from work i'm starving again. it's not like i've changed anything either. i'm eating at the same times, for the most part. there are also times when even the thought of food just makes me nauseous. so...i don't know. it's just weird and trouble-making.

yesterday i went for my follow-up with the oral surgeon. everything seems to be fine. all the stitches came out on their own. they gave me a little syringe like thing to put mouthwash/salt water in to clean out the holes that were left. apparently those will take another 2-3 weeks to close up. joy. i'm not even going to discuss the nastiness factor. i'm sure you can all imagine. blech.

tonight is the Duran Duran concert. i'm excited beyond belief. i'm glad we went ahead and got seats instead of doing the whole grass seats thing because it's been raining for days. sitting in mud is not my idea of fun. plus, we'll be closer. oh simon. how i heart thee. i don't care that you're old enough to be my daddy.

i just found out the Killers will be in louisville on the 20th. i'm so fucking tempted, but i don't see me driving alone. nor do i see anyone i know going with me. *sigh* such is the life. maybe they will do a real tour sometime soon and come here.

i also really want to go see Green Day and Weezer. they'll be here on august 15th. i'm just really loving both of their new albums. i could probably get my sister and nephew to go to that one with me. will have to think more about that.

all you Veronica Mars fans on my flist who can't get enough posts about the show on your flist, join [livejournal.com profile] vmrandom. it's silly fun. (let's keep the crazies out though, huh? and no, [livejournal.com profile] eirefaerie, i'm not talking about you. *g*)

tomorrow? i plan on vegging all day and watching Dr Who ep after Dr Who ep. though there are only 13. so i'm going to be very disappointed when i have nothing left to watch. do we know when the second(or whatever it is) season starts?

i also want to have a Firefly marathon before i see Serenity. i haven't watched it in so long that i have a feeling it will be like watching it for the first time. it was like that with Roswell. though in Roswell's case i was watching some of those eps for the first time. i stopped watching sometime between seasons two and three.

okay. i think that's enough random for one day. i do have two more things to say...

Happy Belated Birthday [livejournal.com profile] kibarika!!!

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] the_partyman!!!

is it really your birthday, P? why doesn't The Birthday Gnome have you on the list at beta? hmmm? you've been deceiving us all these years. ;)
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i have read spoilers for VM. woe. though it's only casting spoilers. so i'm not all dirty. i blame [livejournal.com profile] buffyx. she just makes those lj cuts so enticing! the spoilers didn't make me cringe. in fact, i kinda like them.

must. stay. spoiler. free!!

i planned on watching at least one episode of Dr. Who tonight, but that didn't really work out. instead my family took two hours to decide what we were going to do for dinner. now? i'm home from dinner and it's time for bed. boo with an added hiss.

not to mention that i won't get to watch any tomorrow either because i'm going to the Duran Duran concert. i think i can live with that though. the FAB FIVE!!! TOGETHER!! wheeeeeee!!!

Dr Who

Jul. 13th, 2005 10:16 pm
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i finally got a copy of episode one that will actually play on my computer. also have two and three dled, but that will have to wait.

so, all you Who fans will be happy to hear that i really liked it. i wasn't expecting him to be a...you know. don't want to spoil it for people who haven't watched that may be influenced to at a later date. *g* i love the banter between the doctor and rose. she's very pretty. something about her reminds me of [livejournal.com profile] wastedfairy. except blonde. can't wait to see where it all goes.

yay! new fandom!! as if i needed another one...


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