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i'm not one to gloat. wooooo hoooooo!!! Dean beat Ten!!!! however, we're in the final stretch and Dean continues to need your help! (see? he's giving you his pretty please face!) this time he's up against Spike, who while once was awesome, pretty much ended both series as not the Spike i'd fallen for. so...

and just because there's never too much Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles.
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on my way home from work i was at a stop light behind this car and had to do a double take.

yes, you are seeing correctly. that is a Corolla that has been "transformed" into what appears to be a truck. they've got a homemade "cover" on it complete with a padlock. i wish i'd gotten a picture of it from the side because it was the most hilarious thing i've seen all day and totally made me think of the Top Gear guys.

who does this? wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a truck? people are cah-razy!
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i decided to check my account balance with AT&T to see just how bad i went over my text messaging plan last month. i owe $89.66. that's $34.40 in overages. bwah! oh DCook, the things i'll do for you. i just counted up the number of texts i sent on finale night and it was 446. i'm guessing with phone calls i voted upwards of 600 times. obsessed? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

in related news...

yes, please!

if the image kills your flist i can't be held responsible will cut it.
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so...who wants to discuss Skins with me? or how about how awesome it is that Brian Austin Green has been made a series regular on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. or maybe how excited this video makes you. or maybe just general squeeing over how awesome DCook is and if he's going to knock it out of the park again tomorrow night.

i'm not picky, i'm just feeling a need to be fandom-y.
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am i nuts? or is this tessa thompson in this ad that just popped up on my yahoo mail?

you can tell me i'm nuts. )

i have "things" to post about, but i have to go to bed. i'm exhausted and extremely glad that tomorrow is friday.
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dude. you know what i just realized after watching the Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey interview on eonline by Wrongda? that Roy = Skip! you know what that means? i'm one degree closer to John Krasinski. wheeeeeee!!!

did other people know that Roy = Skip? am i just that slow?
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i have yet to get around to rewatching the VM finale. it's possible that i haven't done it because i know how emotionally draining it's going to be. instead i keep watching this video over and over and laughing my ass off thanks [livejournal.com profile] bdbdb.

not much else going on. sad that my tv season is coming to a close. all of my OMGFANDOM!s have already come to a close. the shows that are left are ones that i enjoy, but could mostly live without. except HIMYM because i love Ted.

now. what do i watch? VM season finale, The Office finale, Big Love episode 9 or Kristen Bell's episodes of Deadwood? hmmm...

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] denisef!!!! *smooooooooooooch*

i hope it was fantabulous.
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this map cracks me the hell up. the things people spend their time on... *giggle*

my county is 80-100% coke and that surprises me not.
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has anyone else seen James Leary in the new Dominos commercial? i love that guy. i wish he could get more than commercial work.

so i was tagged for the "weird" meme by [livejournal.com profile] roniabirk and i've been trying to think of weird things i do, but isn't it always the way that you can think of things when put on the spot? so i'll have to do more thinking and enlighten you all of my quirky habits later on.

now i think i'll actually do myself a favor and go to bed early. TGIF.
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this is the craziest thing i've seen all day.

ION i really wish mother nature would make up her freakin' mind(said in the nicest way possible because i've been on her bad side before and that's just no fun. snowstorm in april, anyone?)!! monday? 75. tuesday? 42. wednesday? 69. thursday? damn cold! it's no wonder i have a headache and the sniffles.
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i'm watching an old ep of Boston Public on some random channel. it's from 2002. it's fun watching old shows and seeing people you didn't notice then, but are now in either high profile shows or are in shows you love. in this ep alone we have Kevin Sheridan(played Sean Frederick on VM), Max Greenfield(played Leo D'Amato on VM), Sarah Hagan(played Amanda in Buffy season 7), Sarah Lancaster(who played Madison on Everwood) and Cody Kasch(plays Zach on Desperate Housewives).

not to mention the regulars of this show who are/were in pretty big shows this year.

yes, i AM bored today. thanks for noticing. maybe i'll get those Farscape eps burned to a dvd and watch them later. [livejournal.com profile] spectralbovine posting about it at b.org has me feeling nostalgic.
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last night the family and i watched Elf. i have so much love for this movie. it is SO SILLY, but it never fails to make me laugh. i don't even really like Will Farrell, but i've decided watching Elf is going to become a holiday tradition for me. much like watching Rudolph or The Grinch. my reaction to Elf is much like my reaction to Liar, Liar. i don't really like Jim Carrey in anything else(except Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it doesn't really count as a normal Carrey movie), but Liar, Liar is one of my favorite movies. so if you haven't seen Elf simply because Will Farrell gets on your last nerve, believe me, it's funny.

this morning upon waking, i remembered my dream. well...i remembered what i was dreaming about. not really what was happening. normally this doesn't happen unless the dream is tramatic in some way. this one? not so much. i was dreaming about the VM chronology project. i have no idea why because it's been ages since i've watched it. maybe it was because i'd been reading my flist and saw people expressing a wish for flashbacks to make a comeback. *shrug* human brains are a mystery to me.

in other fandom news, i can't believe there aren't more sleeves icons. surely [livejournal.com profile] buffyx and i aren't alone in our kink. i refuse to accept that.

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] kittyajh!!!

using my only semi-sleeves icon. want moooooooore!!!
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i haven't mentioned them in a while, but i really *heart* my Sonic regulars. this morning i stopped for my usual route 44 sweet tea and decided to get a grilled cheese because i was hungry. pulled up the window, did my usual joking around with Troy and asked Deena how much it was. she said, "it's on me today." how sweet is that? i think i need to make them a holiday card too. they always brighten up my morning. it's rare to find that from fast food employees.

let's see...what else? supposed to get snow at some point today, but so far it's only been rain. *crosses fingers that it stays that way until i get home tonight*

all former TSSers? we're trying to round up people who've disappeared and such. get thee to [livejournal.com profile] tss_reunion.

last night's ep of VM? meh. more meh than last week. there were exactly three scenes i enjoyed and that makes me sad.

finally? a meme.

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some of those gifts are stangely appropriate from some of you. ;)
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rewatching some season 1 VM episodes because they make me feel better and it's been a rough couple of days. a couple of things i noticed on rewatch. remember how in Ruskie Business Veronica drove a Ford Taurus to Barstow instead of her LeBaron and people were wondering why? i just noticed while watching Silence of the Lamb that the Taurus is Keith's car. fun facts to know and tell. memory was playing tricks on me. she isn't driving the Taurus to Barstow. it's either a Kia or a Honda.

then the scene in Clash of the Tritons with Aaron, Logan and Lynn sitting outside the school's office, there's a set-up in the display case about "soap". ha!

oh and this past week's episode? (this is not a spoiler unless you're a freak.) the snorkel is BACK!! that is one of the most disappearing/reappearing pieces on a car ever.

time for some Mars vs Mars now.
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finally got around to watching my recording of Reunion. i haven't seen anyone talking about it, but i enjoyed the ep. Chyler Leigh's Carla" really reminds me of Angela from MSCL. not because the characters are the same, but they just seem to have a lot of the same mannerisms and Claire and Chyler look a lot alike. weirder still was when Tom Irwin came onscreen as her dad.

it's definitely an interesting concept and i'll continue to tune in. The OC on the other hand? still yawning. i'm beginning to think Josh Schwartz used up all of his creative talent on the first season. please don't let Rob Thomas do the same! pleasepleaseplease!!!

anyone else see the commercial for the new Cingular phone that is ITunes enabled? they're using a song from season two of VM!! No Sleep Tonight by The Faders. love that song! i want to get up and dance every time i see the commercial.

speaking of VM, has anyone seen the season one wrap-up on UPN's website? it has to be the most random bunch of clips anyone has ever put together. it doesn't come anywhere close to giving new viewers a clue about what season one is about. seriously. go watch it. the complete ineptitude astounds me.

now for the not so mindless portion of this post. today is 9/11. i think i'm pretty much on an emotional overload because the remembrance type shows that i've watched today have not made me cry. this is definitely rare for me because just hearing things i associate with that day have the potential of making me cry. i'm definitely thinking of everyone who was directly or indirectly affected on this day. especially [livejournal.com profile] ladymyst and [livejournal.com profile] foxant10. i'm a better person for having you two in my life.

not the greatest birthday to have, but i know two people celebrating today.

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] surreality_fan and [livejournal.com profile] serasempre's daughter!!!

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i'm feeling extremely anxious. no particular reason, but it does feel like the other shoe is about to drop. maybe it's just all of this crap finally catching up with me. i don't know.

i'm also worried about quite a few people on my flist. the universe seems to be kicking way too many of us lately. i demand a lay-off. everybody take care, yeah? i'm ready for my flist to have some happy news. (not that this is me saying that y'all shouldn't post about the bad stuff. just that it's about damn time all of us did have good things to post about.)
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just got home from my cousin's baby shower. there will be pictures later.

the real reason i'm posting is that i'm watching Duel in the Pool! wheeee!! i've missed about an hour of it, but my TiFaux was very brave and started without me. cute boys in speedos!! cute boys all wet!!

i love summer sports.


Aug. 1st, 2005 09:31 pm
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there's something about BSG that irritates me. the transgendered usage of "sir" to address superior officers. i'm no feminist(well...not really), but that just rubs me the wrong way. i don't know.

also? [livejournal.com profile] spectralbovine is completely predictable and i'm listening to him breathe now. hahahahaha!!!
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i have a million different posts in my head, but i can't seem to concentrate long enough to write any of them. much less one. it's annoying.

that being said...this will be a very random entry. a hodgepodge, if you will.

something is up with me. for some reason my eating schedule has been completely thrown for a loop. when i wake up in the mornings i'm starving. then i eat something once i get to work and i'm either not hungry at all by the time lunch rolls around or i'm starving. again. then when i get home from work i'm starving again. it's not like i've changed anything either. i'm eating at the same times, for the most part. there are also times when even the thought of food just makes me nauseous. so...i don't know. it's just weird and trouble-making.

yesterday i went for my follow-up with the oral surgeon. everything seems to be fine. all the stitches came out on their own. they gave me a little syringe like thing to put mouthwash/salt water in to clean out the holes that were left. apparently those will take another 2-3 weeks to close up. joy. i'm not even going to discuss the nastiness factor. i'm sure you can all imagine. blech.

tonight is the Duran Duran concert. i'm excited beyond belief. i'm glad we went ahead and got seats instead of doing the whole grass seats thing because it's been raining for days. sitting in mud is not my idea of fun. plus, we'll be closer. oh simon. how i heart thee. i don't care that you're old enough to be my daddy.

i just found out the Killers will be in louisville on the 20th. i'm so fucking tempted, but i don't see me driving alone. nor do i see anyone i know going with me. *sigh* such is the life. maybe they will do a real tour sometime soon and come here.

i also really want to go see Green Day and Weezer. they'll be here on august 15th. i'm just really loving both of their new albums. i could probably get my sister and nephew to go to that one with me. will have to think more about that.

all you Veronica Mars fans on my flist who can't get enough posts about the show on your flist, join [livejournal.com profile] vmrandom. it's silly fun. (let's keep the crazies out though, huh? and no, [livejournal.com profile] eirefaerie, i'm not talking about you. *g*)

tomorrow? i plan on vegging all day and watching Dr Who ep after Dr Who ep. though there are only 13. so i'm going to be very disappointed when i have nothing left to watch. do we know when the second(or whatever it is) season starts?

i also want to have a Firefly marathon before i see Serenity. i haven't watched it in so long that i have a feeling it will be like watching it for the first time. it was like that with Roswell. though in Roswell's case i was watching some of those eps for the first time. i stopped watching sometime between seasons two and three.

okay. i think that's enough random for one day. i do have two more things to say...

Happy Belated Birthday [livejournal.com profile] kibarika!!!

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] the_partyman!!!

is it really your birthday, P? why doesn't The Birthday Gnome have you on the list at beta? hmmm? you've been deceiving us all these years. ;)


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