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obsessed with this song. with the way he sings it. with the lyrics. with the guitar. everything is just so...guh. so much love i can't even articulate.


baby it's our hearts' slow beating
that make us grow old
i mean to say there's no one helping
we're digging our own hole

i'm reading your words
they're scrawled on the page
they lay here in silent rage
i'll hold you to this
for as long as i breathe
much more than whispers

if i ever found a one leaf clover
it would be you
wishing that such heights were lower
and nothing is new

citing your verse, it couldn't sound worse
the black recital i did rehearse
we all die alone, and as i'm clenching this phone
can't imagine a slowing hearse

how many times will i play the hero
how many lies before it's true
how many times will we clock out at zero
how many tries before we're through
how many lives till another you

the scars are slowly healing
the lips have regained feeling
the obstacles are kneeling
the final wax is sealing
the great white ships are sailing
the feet have left their railing
the four last hooves are hailing

how many times will i play the hero
how many lies before it's true
how many times will we clock out at zero
how many tries before we're through
how many lives till another you

baby it's our hearts' slow beating
that make us grow old
i mean to say there's no one helping
we're digging our own hole

my favorite part is the part i bolded. seriously, if you've never listened to a David Cook song before now, listen to this one. (camera work is a little shaky at first, but hang in there. it's totally worth it.)
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what an incredibly nice and touching thing to do for a fan. *sniff*
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i'm not one to gloat. wooooo hoooooo!!! Dean beat Ten!!!! however, we're in the final stretch and Dean continues to need your help! (see? he's giving you his pretty please face!) this time he's up against Spike, who while once was awesome, pretty much ended both series as not the Spike i'd fallen for. so...

and just because there's never too much Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles.
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i haven't gotten in the fray before now, but COME ON! i know Dean vs Ten is cruel, but you must choose Dean one!! so go vote!! unless you're going to vote for Ten.

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so. i bought this book this afternoon. if you've ever been involved in online fandom, you will love this book. it's an insider's look into our little world. buy one for your family and let them read to understand what it means to be a part of a community. the author is a friend of mine and she's an amazing writer. you won't regret it. you can get it now at Barnes & Noble. otherwise, it will be available everywhere August 1st.

Allyson, i took a picture of the display for you. it's under here )
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the best show on tv

please? find your local CW affiliate here. prior character knowledge isn't so much necessary, but if you want a brief catch-up, go here.

please watch tonight. please!!!
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there have been some posts on my flist recently that tout movies they've seen as the WORST. MOVIE. EVER!!! every time i see posts such as these i think to myself, "self, have these people seen Harvard Man?" in most cases i must conclude that no, it's not possible that they've seen Harvard Man and can still call any other movie the worst they've seen.

Harvard Man isn't even bad in such a way as one can mock it a la [livejournal.com profile] eirefaerie and [livejournal.com profile] dachelle. it's so bad i've done everything i can to brain bleach it. truly. so if you find yourself wanting to watch it even after this post, don't blame me.

with an un-pimp, i feel the need to pimp. do you know who Tina Majorino is? sure you do! when she was a wee little thing she was in such movies as Corrina, Corrina and Andre. these days she's all grown up and starring in such movies as Napoleon Dynamite and extremely awesome shows like Veronica Mars and Big Love. i'm not going to pimp her acting even though it's phenomenal. what i am going to pimp is her band, The AM Project. go give 'em a listen. she has a great voice, there are great harmonies, good hooks and a pretty wide range of appeal.
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here's the deal, people. i've been pimping the hell out of this show for 2 years. we've just been renewed for another season. we're moving to a merged network that will hopefully be in more markets. more markets better equal better ratings. (pleasepleaseplease)

i know i've always said this is a show that must be watched from the beginning. i'm willing to acquiesce that this isn't necessarily the case. it has definitely been my experience, but i'm willing to accept that not everyone is as fanatical about television as i or my other converts are. so. with that being said, UPN will be re-airing the second season premiere at 9/8 CST tonight. if you want a brief(extremely brief) rundown of what happened in season one, check out [livejournal.com profile] cindywrites' post here.

give the show a try. it's only an hour and really, what do you have to lose? think of all the squeeing you could participate in. ;)
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people who haven't succumbed to my pimping of Veronica Mars for one reason or another, you can buy the season one dvds at Target for $22.99(for a limited time, i'm sure). that's incredibly cheap and completely worth every penny. so go on. go buy! fall in love and thank me later. ;) (seriously, i've converted 20+ people. we can't all be wrong, can we?)

while i'm here...

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] fourleafclover!!!

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all you americans on my flist, don't forget that Doctor Who premieres on the Sci-Fi channel tonight at 9/8 CST. they are playing two eps back to back. so tune in!!

hey [livejournal.com profile] roniabirk, ever since lj changed the way phone posts are displayed i've been having issues with my layout. everything beneath that particular post disappears. any ideas?

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] belleloo!!!! *smooooooooooooch*

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muahahaha!! mine is an evil laugh. snagged another one. [livejournal.com profile] goloptious is now inducted into the VM fandom family. wheeee!!!

[livejournal.com profile] _burntsienna, be on the lookout for the dvds coming your way. [livejournal.com profile] goloptious will be mailing them monday or tuesday.

[livejournal.com profile] glitterlust, how's the season two viewage going?

[livejournal.com profile] cashmerepett, how far have you gotten on season one? i'm sure Miss Olivia is taking up a lot of time, but you know me. ever curious. *g*
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i can't believe the weekend is over. where the hell did it go? at least i'm semi-accomplished. cleaned the room, the bird cage, did three loads of laundry and dishes. still have to box up all the crap lying around in my room. joy.

in VM world domination news, there have been three new people on my flist inducted into the fold. welcome [livejournal.com profile] glow_boy, [livejournal.com profile] scourgeoe and [livejournal.com profile] kaidysoft!! season two is a bit of a bumpy ride, but i'm confident everything about this season will pay off.

for those who don't post/lurk at the fuselage, Maya announced officially that DLA 2 will be on May 20th. unfortunately, the Ren will not be the location because of some kind of gastro-intestinal specialists shindig. they don't know where it's going to be yet, but my suggestion is to keep an eye on destinationlaparty.com. (no offense, but i hope they stay away from the Century Wilshire in beverly hills. it's a beautiful hotel, but it's way too swanky for this kind of get-together. ummm...not that i'm going or anything. i just know how uncomfortable many of us were while staying there for the W&HAR.) i really hope everyone who goes has a fabulous time. these fan parties are truly a unique experience and i cherish each and every one that i've gotten to go to.
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i have been laughing myself silly watching clips of Dane Cook on his website. god, that man is funny.

[livejournal.com profile] foxant10, i'm dling his SNL appearance right now. i can reupload to YSI once it's done if you want or make you a dvd. whatever. you decide.

everyone should check out a local band i came across on myspace. ant? did you listen yet? what did you think?

another good one is Touriste. dean suggested them and was supposed to bring me a cd when he came back to the states to visit me this month. *cough*guilttrip*uncough*
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i need a favor from my flist. i need you to go here and fill out this poll. even if you don't watch VM it'd be nice if you could lie. it's quick, easy and painless. i promise! also? if you are a VM fan, pimp this in your own journal. we need to get as many people as possible filling this thing out.

it's very good that they are bothering to do marketing research outside of crap-ass Nielsen ratings. maybe this is a step in the right direction to abolish Nielsen or at least have them seriously renegotiated.

i don't ask for much, guys. so please go take this poll. i will love you forever and ever amen.
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this just in!!!

pissed off Slayer spotted in Neptune, California.

after receiving a break-up letter from one of her biggest fans, Buffy heads to Neptune to size up the competition. there are no vampires, but there are plenty of things that go bump in the night.

every single Buffy/Veronica Mars fan on my flist needs to read this. seriously.
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[livejournal.com profile] cindywrites (and DH), [livejournal.com profile] denisef and [livejournal.com profile] paksenarrion2? how's the VM watching coming along? what ep are you on? in love with the show yet? you know i'm always up to discuss. *g*

is it really monday already? blarg. at least it's a short week.


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