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oh, fandom. why do you want me to thunk my head? why?! maybe you want me to thunk it so hard i get amnesia and don't remember the asinine things you post. is that it?! hope springs eternal.

and the winner for most ludicrous reason for shipping Edward/Bella goes to the child who posted the following:

Edward is the obvious choice for Bella. With Bella's hatred for shopping Jacob would be all wrong. Since he's a young werewolf he hasn't exactly gotten his temper undercontrol. This causes a lot of torn clothing. That means that Bella would have to take Jacob shopping quite a bit.

wow. i guess Bella doesn't really love Alice since she drags Bella shopping. < sarcasm> (nope, that tag doesn't close!)

the day E/B shippers stop calling Jacob a rapist can't come soon enough for me. i'ma make me a Twilight shirt that has this slogan on it, "rape, you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means."
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i think watching the Fringe pilot made my Joshua Jackson love resurface because i pulled out my Dawson's Creek dvds a little while ago and have since been watching the best of Pacey and Joey. Katie Holmes is hardly the best actress, but JJ brings out the best in her. i think that happens a lot with my OTPs, actually. i'm currently watching the angst fest that is The Longest Day and mostly i'm yelling at my tv for them to tell Dawson already because watching Dawson cry is kind of like a hobby.

i wish i had time to watch the scene from my icon, but i really have to go to bed. oh P/J, you are totally on my top 10 OTPs.

"there's an us here now."
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no massive flist squee about The Office tonight? hmmm...
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has everyone seen this? i saw it when i was watching Heroes and was kind of surprised that no one mentioned it.

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i feel the need to join in on the massive flist squee.


if this pic breaks anyones friends page, let me know and i'll cut it.
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i might need a youtube intervention. seriously. i've been surfing it since i got home tonight around 8:30. it's just so damn addictive. watch one clip, click, watch another, click, watch another, click...

people who saved old tv shows and uploaded them are my best friends forever. especially the good ol' days of GH. last weekend i cried my eyes out watching old Robin/Stone videos. this week it's been Sonny/Brenda and Liz/Lucky(Jonathan Jackson Lucky only, please!). i need Guza to stop his character assasination of Lucky. watching all of those clips reminded me what an awesome character he was before they decided to bring him back recast. *sigh* it should be a crime to recast. it's very rare for me to ever like any of them as much as the original.

unrelated, but has anyone else seen Ryan Hansen in a Jack in the Box commercial? he's playing video games. it can't have been that long ago either because he looks like Dick.


Jul. 22nd, 2005 09:08 am
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you know fandom has taken over your brain when you're opening mail at work and see an envelope with the initials OTP on it and immediately think:


yes. fandom does make you crazy.


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