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umm...so i just bought a new laptop. yes, i know i just bought one last year. to be fair, i just couldn't take the HP anymore. i refuse to send it back for a fifth time for something they keep claiming they've fixed. they didn't seem at all put out when i told them i wouldn't be buying another HP product and i was going to tell everyone i knew not to, as well. so screw 'em. toshiba it is!! i'm going to clear off everything from the old one and try to get someone to buy it off of me that doesn't mind screen flickering.

i got this one and i think i love it. the slick keyboard is going to take some getting used to though! i really just hope that this is a good computer to me. it's not that much to ask that i be able to see the screen, is it?
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decorating my non-existant house!!! for example? last weekend, i bought furniture in preparation of the day i move out. wanna see? )

it's all being stored in my sister's garage until i get a place.

now i can't quit looking for a nice, inexpensive cherry headboard/footboard on craigslist. oh and i'm also in love with some art and rugs at target. namely these. )

i think i need an intervention.
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] minim_calibre!!!

also? hi to the buffistas who friended me today!

p.s. if anyone is needing an SD memory card, office depot is having a sale on the 4GB sandisk cards. it's $44.99, regularly $99.99. just make sure your camera can handle a card that large. on the highest setting of my 10MP camera it holds 1221 pictures. awesome, huh?
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is it zombie day today? do i need to hide until it's over? cause me and zombies are NOT like peas and carrots. they terrify me. it's totally irrational fear, but still. haaaaaaaaaaaaate.

i went ahead and bought the Pentax A30. consensus seemed to agree that it was the best camera and with the $50 mail-in rebate, i really couldn't beat that price for a 10MP camera. i placed the order this morning and it shipped this afternoon. i'd say that's pretty good customer service!

finally got my Blaker Girl shirt. it's only been in nashville since last friday. ugh. stupid USPS. worse news is that i'm probably not going to keep it because it's just too small. maybe i'll get my own made or something...

SYTYCD was fabulous tonight. i do believe i might have to eat my words about Lacey Schwimmer(and the top 20, really) because she was totally my favorite. i've rewound and watched her performance three times now. seriously beautiful stuff.

voting for: Lacey & Kameron, Sara & Jesus, and Lauren & Neil.
going home? possibly Ricky's partner whose name i can't recall right now and i don't know who else.
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i need to replace my digital camera before i go out of town because my sister broke mine. no really, i'm kidding. it was a mutual accident and technically it still takes pictures, but the shutter and everything that protects the lens has been broken off and i don't feel comfortable toting it around to use.

i've loved my little Pentax Optio S and want to stick with that brand because it takes great pictures, it's lightweight, sturdy(concrete steps notwithstanding) and uses a lithium-ion battery(a must for me). so i'm only looking at other Pentaxes to replace it.

here are my options:

Optio S6 6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

Optio A30 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom with Shake Reduction System

Optio T30 7.1MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

[Poll #1001559]

i'm personally leaning toward the A30 because of all its shiny specs and of course it's the most expensive of the three. second favorite is the S6. it's the nearest to my current model.
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online shopping is entirely too tempting this year. i want Angel: Seasons 3-5 and Buffy: Seasons 5-7 (deepdiscountdvd.com is having a killer sale, y'all. just click on that link.) i also wouldn't say no to this and this and this and of course all of the things i mentioned here. see? tempting.

i did end up using the amazon gift certificate on Supernatural. i hope it gets here quickly.

(sorry for the spamming. this is what happens when i'm left to my own devices.)
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target really is my kryptonite. though, to be fair, everything i bought was on my list and technically i was under $100. *cough*$96*uncough*

i got the cutest shoes though. see?

they were really cheap too.

also? i got to play my atari!!! i'm so excited!!! now i just need to get games like centipede and indiana jones. phoenix was just as much fun as i remembered it being. reliving your childhood is fun. my whole family has already taken turns playing. i think my brother loves it the most.

p.s. this "fall finale" thing all of my shows are embracing is annoying. i'm used to at least some shows being new while others go into repeat mode.
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i want to thank [livejournal.com profile] roniabirk for her generosity meme. you are an amazing person to offer to do this for others. some you don't even know. you're one of a kind, my friend. i also want to thank the anonymous person who put my name in for said meme. both of you have made my day. now i just have to figure out what to spend my gift certificate on! :) (anonymous person, feel free to tell me who you are!)

i had to order an adapter for my atari so i can use it with my "modern" television. so i've yet to be able to play it. :( here's hoping it's waiting on me when i get home this afternoon.

well...better get back to work. only two more hours and it's technically wednesday. can't beat that, can you?
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so. guess what i just won. hee!! i'm also bidding on this, which is just the best thing ever. oh elusive childhood. come back!

i totally blame my sister for this. i hadn't used ebay since 2004 and she asked me to find my nephew a video game and now i'm thinking of random things i want to buy. ebay is totally addictive and evil and i really need to stop.
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Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition is in my town!!

i am so happy for this family. their home was completely demolished by the tornado that came through here in april and the mother was paralyzed while protecting her children from the chaos. they just had a special van donated to them a few weeks ago so that she could get to and from her physical therapy and just generally get around town without having to rely on someone to help get her and her chair into a car. it has the special controls so she can eventually drive it herself. all in all i'd say they're on the road to recovering from this disaster.

now i have to figure out where exactly they live because i need to stalk Ty, Preston, Ed and Paul.

in unrelated news, i bought this. i keep saying i need something to play my music when i'm outside in the pool. now i have it! i also got bandit a new harness. he's less than impressed with it and if looks could've killed, i'd be dead. he was cracking me up when i took him outside with it on for the first time. he kept rolling around in the grass trying to figure out a way to get it off. hee! animals are fun-nee...

i've really sucked with not wishing people a happy birthday. so happy (belated!) birthday to [livejournal.com profile] beppergirl, [livejournal.com profile] lady_ireland, [livejournal.com profile] _burntsienna, [livejournal.com profile] sassyeggs77 and [livejournal.com profile] hijinx400!!!

happy early birthday [livejournal.com profile] wastedfairy and [livejournal.com profile] kerryfromcali!!!
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no, Veronica. not a pony, a guitar. yeah, i just bought that. i'm the worst impulse shopper ever. i blame [livejournal.com profile] foxant10. i'm all signed up for lessons and everything. what happened to clothes shopping? i don't know. i'm seriously not going to be able to eat out for, like, two months though.

it actually wasn't that bad. i got the guitar, gig bag, stand and beginners chord book for $200. the lessons are $20 once a week. my next door neighbor is a musician. so i may see if i can get him to show me some things after i get comfortable with it.

here's hoping it's not as difficult as piano proved to be and i learn how to do this. i've always wanted to play an instrument and if couldn't be piano, guitar is the next best thing. plus, it's really pretty. *g*
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well...i have a shiny, new phone. i went with the razr. the sad thing? i don't have my OPJ yellow XTerra as a wallpaper anymore. SAD! i'm going to have to spot another one on the road and snap a picture. as of right now i've settled on taking a picture of my smooshed face lion. (why yes, fandom has eaten my brain.)

i also managed to lose all the numbers i had on speed dial on the old phone because they were saved to the phone and not the SIM card. thankfully, i've retrieved those numbers too.

the phone itself? shiny. i'm such an electronics geek. forget jewelry, give me electronics. i got a bluetooth headset so i won't have to worry about answering the phone in the car anymore. oh and a carrying case because i don't want it to get all scratched up.

if you want to share your number with me and you don't think i already have it, i'm going to set up a poll that will only be viewable to me. that way i don't have to screen comments on this entry.

in conclusion, wheeeeeeeeeee!! shiny, new phone.

[Poll #715746]
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i'm totally contemplating buying this to put on my desk at work. especially since i found out so many of my co-workers had never heard of them before. i had no idea such people existed.

also? more people need to go here and post their picture requests. i'm working on the ones that are already there, but i want to do a big picspam. give me something fuuuuuuuuuun, people!
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i am posting from my shiny, new computer desk. now i need a better computer chair.

wanna see? )

isn't it pretty? yes, that is a smooshed face lion. also [livejournal.com profile] idreamofpeace's mix cd, which i will attempt to get out to you tomorrow. :)

now i must find food and shower. building things is hard work.


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