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you guys!! i am t minus 2 hours from seeing Blake in concert!!!! yay!!!!!

there's been a change in plans and instead of my sister going with me, i'm taking my niece to her very first concert. she keeps rushing me to come on. i think she might be excited. she hasn't even seen AI. i told her she had to yell for Blake to come with me. *g*

umkay. better go get ready. i'm wearing my "Blake is my Idol" shirt and my plaid converse-like shoes in honor of Blake and the Blaker Girls. wheeee!!!

*crosses fingers that the seats are close enough for me to see really well*
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friends bailed on seeing Common Ro with me tonight(holiday weekend plans). they don't know what they're missing. thankfully i have a super cool sister (hi [livejournal.com profile] 3maries!) who's willing to go with me. it's going to make me all nostalgic for you bronzer-shaped people. the last time i saw them was when [livejournal.com profile] chi2cali, [livejournal.com profile] foxant10, [livejournal.com profile] carpedi7, [livejournal.com profile] keiran_c and Lady Ireland were in town for the Vulkon(*gag*) Buffy/Angel Convention in 2003. [livejournal.com profile] socks_192 and [livejournal.com profile] ubervixen were there too, but they live(d) here at the time. [livejournal.com profile] socks_192, you still do, but you get my point. </rambling> i miss you guys!! *sniff*

so anyway. i'm off to get ready to go out. will report back about how the guys do. if i have cell reception i might make a voice post. we shall see...
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i sent the following email to my mom, dad and sister:

i need you guys to go vote on this poll when you get a chance. http://webcenter.polls.aol.com/survey?view=68477&pollId=68530&channel=aol_us_marketingresearch

my sister just watched the alternate ending and this is her email. spoilers for this past week's VM, obviously. )

i let her know the alternate ending didn't have any bearing on the rest of the season and she was relieved.

the best part of this story? my dad's reply:

I completed the survey. Long live Veronica Mars!


hee!! i love my dad.
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just watched Crash. one word. wow.

p.s. thanks for the responses to my previous post. i may not respond to them right away(or let's face it, ever), but they really did provide me with some much needed comfort.
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today has been a pretty good day. was going to confront the brother about the invasion of privacy, but my dad did it for me. will wonders never cease? he claims he just got on here for two minutes to check his email, but if that were the case he wouldn't have needed to delete the history and cookies. whatever. if i get a virus from him going to some porn site or something, he's paying for the repairs. that's all there is to it.

moving on to the good part of today. i took my nephew to the mall to pick out his belated birthday present. he's very into the skater scene. so i took him to PacSun to pick out something. he ended up getting three skater shirts. while i got this jacket in blue(naturally). so cute, you guys. the picture doesn't do it justice. i also bought this at American Eagle. yes, that is Veronica's new messenger bag and yes i'm a big copycat. it was on sale too! only $19.99! suh-weeet!

after the mall i came home and watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants with my mom and sister. good movie. very sappy. i was shocked when i heard the Faders come on with No Sleep Tonight in one of the scenes. VM connections are everywhere!!

now, i have a confession. i just joined [livejournal.com profile] rack_of_lamb a few days ago after [livejournal.com profile] spectralbovine pointed me in that direction when i expressed my love of Sheriff Lamb. however, i have to say that after scrolling through the comm and reading the entries and comments i've developed quite the crush on Michael Muhney([livejournal.com profile] thewizrd). he just comes across as this amazingly humble, grateful, intelligent and thoughtful man. that's actually kind of new for me to see in fandom. i've seen writers behave that way(though obviously not the one i got so involved with), but never the actors. the actors always came across as a little standoff-ish. Michael is getting in there. he's reading fic about his character and leaving the author amazing feedback. he's posting phone posts thanking his fans for being so wonderful. he's responding to emails and random posts. he just seems...for lack of a better word, endearing. he honestly seems like someone i would be friends with, which is weird because while i enjoy what the actors bring me every week on my tv, i don't really feel like this with any of them.

so yeah. if you are a fan of Lamb and want to let MM know, join the comm. send him a personal email. don't be surprised if he replies.

i'm done being shmoopy now.

p.s. this fandom needs more Lamb and Cliff icons. stat.
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i really don't think there is a more appropriate time to use this icon than for something that happened in RL tonight. the sheer balls of some people astounds me. i will elaborate later. maybe. now i'm going to bed because this cold is still kicking my ass.

for posterity, the icon i'm referring to is the Veronica/snausage one.
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first my sister, [livejournal.com profile] 3maries, called to see what i was doing for lunch. then about an hour later my dad did. they would pick the one day i can't go anywhere... we have some random insurance guy coming to talk to us and bring us free pizza. oh well. rainchecks.

speaking of my daddy, i hugged him goodbye this morning and hours later i can still smell his cologne on my clothes. weird.

time for free pizza! (oh and the insurance guy? total hottie.)


Aug. 2nd, 2005 07:02 pm
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quick post and then i'm going to watch some BSG. [livejournal.com profile] 3maries, i've made you some icons. now, i'm not even a half-way talented icon maker but anything is better than your poor little shrunken pictures. so here...upload and use to your heart's content. i may end up using the jaedyn one too. we shall see.

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well i finally watched the BSG mini and the first ep of the first season. it's very good, but i'm not squeeing over it yet. Apollo is very pretty. yes, i am shallow. i need at least one pretty person to admire in my shows.

in RL news, tomorrow morning my brother goes in for knee surgery. years ago he hurt his knee playing basketball and that built up scar tissue. so they're going in to remove it. send some good thoughts his way tomorrow morning, huh?

my head is killing me. i think after the 4400 goes off i'm heading to bed. can't believe the weekend is over again. *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*
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i have read spoilers for VM. woe. though it's only casting spoilers. so i'm not all dirty. i blame [livejournal.com profile] buffyx. she just makes those lj cuts so enticing! the spoilers didn't make me cringe. in fact, i kinda like them.

must. stay. spoiler. free!!

i planned on watching at least one episode of Dr. Who tonight, but that didn't really work out. instead my family took two hours to decide what we were going to do for dinner. now? i'm home from dinner and it's time for bed. boo with an added hiss.

not to mention that i won't get to watch any tomorrow either because i'm going to the Duran Duran concert. i think i can live with that though. the FAB FIVE!!! TOGETHER!! wheeeeeee!!!


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