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i have to be honest. i'm getting entirely too excited about the Twilight movie after seeing all the pictures people are posting from the location shoots. most especially these. R Pattz is definitely looking more like Edward to me and i never had a problem with Kristen Stewart as Bella. (though i will still admit to being worried about the Jacob casting.) bring it on, Summit Entertainment!

i also have to be honest that i'm really digging Lost again this season. maybe it's because the producers finally have an endgame, i'm not sure. i feel like they know where they're going and they're enjoying messing with my head and for the first time since the first season i'm completely okay with it. plus, it's good to see Harold Perrinau again. he won my heart at the first D:LA. bring it on, Bad Robot!

i'm also completely in love with America's Best Dance Crew. if you're not watching, let me give you some reasons to.

can you tell my favorite episode to date is the Michael Jackson tribute night? tonight's episode was great too though. if i could find a video of it and that headspin i would add it right now. this show is different than SYTYCD in that the contestants are coming up with their own routines. there are some SYTYCD ties though. remember Jamal? Shane Sparks is also one of the judges. i ♥ him.

next week is the finale. so if you can catch up via youtube or some other source, i highly recommend it. there's some pretty phenomenal dancers.
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i'm not sure i've said so here, but i freaking love Blake Lewis. he's the only contestant i'm voting for and he's probably the only one of the group that i'd buy a cd from. i might make an exception for Chris, but i'd have to hear it before i bought it. Blake's i'd buy on blind faith. last season i wasn't devoted to any one contestant. i voted for whoever i thought did the best that week. this season's entirely different for me. AI has never seen a contestant like Blake. i'm not sure they even realize what a goldmine he is. i honestly don't even think he needs to win to be a superstar, but it'd be freaking amazing if he did.

FNL continues to be one of the best shows of 2006-2007. (sidenote: if you didn't watch, the summer is a perfect time to catch up. believe me, you won't regret it.) that was a phenomenal ending to the season. we just better get more in the fall. do ya hear me NBC? renew. it's not like you're keeping much else around anyway. The Black Donnellys anyone? *shakes head* if it weren't for FNL, Heroes and The Office i'd never watch your network. everything else is entirely missable to me.

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i'm not even going to bother making any comments about Lost. except to say that they could kill every single character except Kate and Sawyer and i wouldn't bat an eyelash. i could watch those two stare at each other for an hour and it would be good for me.

the real reason i'm posting is to share this vid. it's a scene from Torchwood, but it's not at all spoiler-y. just gunporn at it's best.

he can teach me how to shoot anytime!

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apparently tonight just isn't my night tv-wise. i decided to watch Lost after it aired so i wouldn't have to sit through commercials. i just hit play to watch and my TiFaux just goes straight to the "delete"/"don't delete" option. even though it shows it recorded 63 minutes. grrrr!!! good thing my parents have it on their's. comcast really needs to work the bugs out of these things because this is far from the first time this has happened. annoying.

the grammys have been kinda eh, but the U2/mary j. blige collaboration? awesome. gave me chills. are there downloads of these songs available online somewhere? or will there be at some point? because i think i want that one.

[edited to add]

hot damn, kanye puts on a good show! made me miss my college days more than ever. the golddigger/broke phi broke step-off was awesome. black fraternities/sororities are so much cooler than all the others. if for no other reason than the stepping.
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first episode of Lost i've loved all season. who wrote this one?

that preview looks like we're in for some good stuff too.

i am weak.

Sep. 20th, 2005 06:15 am
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i am dling a supposed clip that spoils who is at the door. i have not watched it yet, but i think i know who it is. i'm trying to decide if i consider this delving too far into the spoiler realm. i stayed spoiler free all last season except for the Aly guest star and THE KISS(!), which was near impossible to stay spoiler free for. of course i didn't have spoiler hos pimping on my flist last year either. eeeeeeeevil spoilers and their tempting selves.

Lost fans, [livejournal.com profile] sternchenmary posted some adorable Dom/Evi candid pics here. they really do make a cute couple.


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