Mar. 21st, 2009 10:11 am
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i'm not posting here near as much as i want to. i think i've gotten lazy and used to not using more than 140 characters what with twitter and facebook status updates. i do have some RL stuff i want to post about soon, but i'm going to need a while to get it all out. so it's on the back-burner for now.

my question to you is, should i use LoudTwitter to update all my tweets to lj? i used to think it was annoying, but i've been reading them since i actually have twitter now. i figure at least this way there will be something going on in my lj even when i don't have time to post lengthy type posts. so what say you? (it's totally not going to hurt my wittle feelings if you vote no. so vote honestly.)

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i'm not one to gloat. wooooo hoooooo!!! Dean beat Ten!!!! however, we're in the final stretch and Dean continues to need your help! (see? he's giving you his pretty please face!) this time he's up against Spike, who while once was awesome, pretty much ended both series as not the Spike i'd fallen for. so...

and just because there's never too much Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles.
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i haven't gotten in the fray before now, but COME ON! i know Dean vs Ten is cruel, but you must choose Dean one!! so go vote!! unless you're going to vote for Ten.

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[Poll #1297401]

this is pretty much a no contest for me, but i'm interested to see where others fall.
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this poll is for when i'm old and moldy and want to remember how i got to know all of you lovely people. please take a minute and fill it out. check all that apply! spanks!

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since i have quite a few new people on my flist, i thought it was time to do a poll. these are the shows that i am the most involved with/am currently involved with. this isn't even a comprehensive list of what shows i'm watching this year. yes, i watch a lot of tv.

sidenote: does anyone know when Traveler is going to premiere? abc's website just says "coming soon" and says the 13 ep order has already been cut down to 8. i really hope this isn't one of those pilots that never sees the light of day because i think it could be really interesting.

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[Poll #714643]

i'm tempted to get a blackberry, but they don't have cameraphones. the treo does, but it's about $250 and i'm just not going to spend that much.
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[Poll #686531]

also? today can end any time now.


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