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i'm not one to gloat. wooooo hoooooo!!! Dean beat Ten!!!! however, we're in the final stretch and Dean continues to need your help! (see? he's giving you his pretty please face!) this time he's up against Spike, who while once was awesome, pretty much ended both series as not the Spike i'd fallen for. so...

and just because there's never too much Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles.
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i haven't gotten in the fray before now, but COME ON! i know Dean vs Ten is cruel, but you must choose Dean one!! so go vote!! unless you're going to vote for Ten.

being human

Feb. 8th, 2009 01:46 pm
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so who's watching Being Human? and if you're not, why not? i finally got around to watching the second ep and i think it's official that i'm in love. i'm really loving the Mitchell recast from the original pilot from last year. he's bringing a lot more vulnerability to the role, which makes more sense to be honest. i like the new Annie too. i was trying to figure out earlier where i'd seen her and it's, of course, Doctor Who.

don't know what i'm talking about? it's probably because you don't live in the UK. it's only airing on BBC at the moment. maybe BBCA will pick it up if ratings are good.

now i need to go find icons.
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dear Gossip Girl,

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick are your gold mine(Dan/Serena, who?). no, really. keep doing that. yes, that. angst is the way to this girl's heart. please, sir, may i have another!


p.s. guh! with a side of asldkdjfsaldfkjasldkjs;afasjdsdflas;djka!!!!
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[Poll #1297401]

this is pretty much a no contest for me, but i'm interested to see where others fall.
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reason #1,796,535,224 why people should be watching this show. this is possibly one of my favorite sequence of events on the show ever.
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jesus christ, FNL. way to make me cry like a little girl at work. FNL - 3x04 )
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You know what today is? October 3rd. Are you doing anything special to mark the one five year anniversary of Lilly Kane’s murder?

When you see this on your flist, quote Veronica Mars.

Lamb: Hey, what do you say we do your Miranda Rights in harmony this time? I'll take lead. You take tenor?
Logan: Is it still called déjà vu when something happens more than twice, or is that something different? I'll have to look that up.

p.s. i had a hell of a time picking just one quote. imagine the friendship bracelet, the lives ruined/bloodshed, the "if it's that big i'll be your prom date", the "veronica mars is smarter than me" quote and many, many more. seriously. this show is too quotable!
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i can't seem to remember when anything is premiering. so here's my handy dandy list of what i'll be watching this fall. (at least once, anyway.)

Valentine - 8 pm CW (10/5)
Brothers & Sisters - 9 pm ABC (9/28)
True Blood - 9 pm HBO (9/7)
Entourage - 10 pm HBO (9/7)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - 7 pm FOX (9/8)
Chuck - 7 pm NBC (9/29)
Gossip Girl - 7 pm CW (9/1)
How I Met Your Mother - 7:30 pm CBS (9/22)
Heroes - 8 pm NBC (9/22)
Prison Break - 8 pm FOX (9/1)
Samantha Who? - 8:30 pm ABC (10/13)
My Own Worst Enemy - 9 pm NBC (10/13)
The Hills - 9 pm MTV

mondays are officially insane. i kinda want to watch DWtS too, but i just don't see it happening.

90210 - 7 pm CW (9/2)
The Mentalist - 8 pm CBS (9/23)
Fringe - 8 pm FOX (9/9)
Privileged - 8 pm CW (9/9)

Pushing Daisies - 7 pm ABC (10/1)
Friday Night Lights - 7 pm DirectTV (10/1)
Private Practice - 8 pm ABC (10/1)
Dirty Sexy Money - 9 pm ABC (10/1)
Real World/Road Rules Challenge - 9 pm MTV (9/10)

Ugly Betty - 7 pm ABC (9/25)
The Office - 8 pm NBC (9/25)
Supernatural - 8 pm CW (9/18)
Life on Mars - 9 pm ABC (10/9)

The Ex List - 8 pm ABC (10/3)
Life - 9 pm NBC (10/3)

i think that's everything. this is all subject to change based on how good or how crappy something is, obviously. Prison Break is on a limited run if it makes me crazy. i'm only watching for one reason anyway. i'm sure you all know why.

the pilots are all iffy too. i've seen Fringe and liked it, but i also know how JJ Abrams shows can make me crazy. so we'll see.

i'll also be watching the premiere of Grey's Anatomy because of a casting rumour that's been circulating. that's all they'll get me for though. i was perfectly okay not watching it all last season.

[updated 11/1/08 - strikethroughs are shows i've axed.


Sep. 1st, 2008 01:08 am
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i just watched 18 episodes of Gossip Girl in a day and a half. i watched the Pilot way back when and wasn't all that impressed and then that night was full of tv. so i never watched more than a scene here or there. (*ahem*ChuckandBlairinthelimo*ahem*)

it's totally a guilty pleasure and i should be kicking myself for getting into it since the tv situation won't be any better this season. i guess it's just going to be one of those shows i have to dl.

unsurprisingly, i love Chuck. i'm sorry, but snarky assholes are appealing! Dan's okay, but he's not someone i would look at or think twice about. in fandom or real life. Serena bugs the crap out of me, which may be an unpopular fandom opinion. i have no idea. i think it's probably the actress and not so much the character though. the way she talks to Dan kind of makes my ears bleed. Blair's totally the best female on the show. Leighton Meester is probably the most talented of the bunch as well.

unpopular fandom opinion #2, i'd much rather see Lilly and Rufus together over Dan and Serena.
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Doctor Who 4x12 )
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i think watching the Fringe pilot made my Joshua Jackson love resurface because i pulled out my Dawson's Creek dvds a little while ago and have since been watching the best of Pacey and Joey. Katie Holmes is hardly the best actress, but JJ brings out the best in her. i think that happens a lot with my OTPs, actually. i'm currently watching the angst fest that is The Longest Day and mostly i'm yelling at my tv for them to tell Dawson already because watching Dawson cry is kind of like a hobby.

i wish i had time to watch the scene from my icon, but i really have to go to bed. oh P/J, you are totally on my top 10 OTPs.

"there's an us here now."
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after seeing the awfulness that is the trailer for the american remake of Life on Mars i decided to start a rewatch of the original. really i tried to get my sister to watch with me, but she's been pretty uninterested in tv lately. so i'm going on without her.

it's amazing to me how cheesy that american trailer made the show seem. i really hope people find a way to see the original because John Simm and Phillip Glenister are LoM.

there are so many shows that i want to do massive rewatches of. Buffy, Angel, Farscape, Supernatural. the list goes on and on. there's really not enough time in the day. i'm really looking forward to the long weekend because i plan on doing absolutely nothing.
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i love coming online and seeing my flist exploding!! Twilight trailer FTMFW, y'all!!!

p.s. i saw Iron Man yesterday and it is also made of awesome. i've been an RDJ fangirl for a while now. i so hope he's finally put all of his demons to rest.

p.p.s. Sam and Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean!!
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i will respond to your fandom discussion in just a minute. first, i have to react to HIMYM. )
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so...who wants to discuss Skins with me? or how about how awesome it is that Brian Austin Green has been made a series regular on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. or maybe how excited this video makes you. or maybe just general squeeing over how awesome DCook is and if he's going to knock it out of the park again tomorrow night.

i'm not picky, i'm just feeling a need to be fandom-y.
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*waves* to the new friends i've made via the SCC friending meme!

i'm trying to decide how i want to spend my day. i have the house all to myself this weekend since my sister and the kids decided to go visit my other sister in memphis. the plan, really, is that there is no plan. i'm going to watch movies and generally lounge about. i'm just trying to figure out what i want to watch first. i think i'm in the mood for a RomCom. that leaves The Accidental Husband and Penelope. hmmm...

i also have two weeks or so of Torchwood to catch up on. i've been pretty impressed with it this season. last season was pretty hit or miss and they seemed too absorbed with trying to be "edgy" with all the sex. i wouldn't necessarily say that's been toned down this year, but it's definitely done in a more appealing way.

on a different note, RPattz is totally Edward Cullen for me now. look! he has topaz eyes!! Kristen has definitely become Bella too. i love that they are making small changes to her(like the chocolate brown contacts) to make her more like how i imagined Bella looking. i just hope i can be this excited when we finally start seeing pictures of Jacob pop up.

okay. going to watch a movie and maybe make a chef boyardee pizza for lunch. ttfn.
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i'm only mad/annoyed that one person is there and that's Luke Menard. homeboy can't sing, ya'll and Josiah was robbed by having him there. everyone else at least has some pipes and deserves the chance to be there.

i think this year's Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta, has a great voice but he was boring as hell tonight. same goes for Jason Yeager, Garrett Haley, Chikezie and David Hernandez. Robbie Carrico just wants to be rock because other than the way he dresses, there's nothing about him that's rock. his voice is way too...weak or something to be anything other than pop. sorry, Robbie.

i'm voting for David Cook(who didn't have his best performance tonight), Jason Yeager(who i want to see get another chance since this is the first time we've even seen him perform), Danny Noriega(who is just fabulous though i have to be honest that i'm afraid he might turn into this year's Sanjaya), Colton Berry(who i also want to see more from since this is the first we're really seeing of him), Jason Castro(who is pretty much a breath of fresh air this season) and Michael Johns(who keeps winning me over with his awesome song choices and great vocals).

so far my favorites are Michael Johns, Jason Castro and David Cook.

p.s. i miss Blake, but i was hella amused that they used his song to reintroduce all the guys with their audition clips. hee!
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i think Supernatural broke me tonight.
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i noticed one of my favorite Angel eps was going to be on TNT early this morning, so i set the TiFaux to record it. that episode? Dead End. oh, Christian Kane. i'm still sorry you turned out to be such a douche and that i had to personally experience it. however, your portrayal of Lindsey McDonald will remain one of my favorite fictional characters ever(barring quite a bit of season five, that is). so deliciously grey. this episode also marked the beginning of me shipping Cordy and Lindsey. i wonder if there's some good fic of those two out there based on the interaction from this ep...

"stop it, evil hand. stop it." "charlie!!" ahahaha... i miss you, show.

p.s. this icon is probably the oldest icon i have in rotation. it always seems to survive even if i don't use it nearly as much as i used to.
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MY IPOD HAS BEEN DELIVERED!!! YaY!!!! you don't know how freaking tempting it is to go home early to play with it.

in fandom-y news, i have been fairly unimpressed with new tv so far, which is a weird feeling for me since i do love me some television. i've given up on Grey's Anatomy because of the whole George/Izzie storyline. i just can't stomach it and i don't like enough of the other characters(*ahem* Meredith, McDreamy, Burke, Calli) to sit through 42 minutes of gritting my teeth. Denny >>>> George. i'm going to pretend like the show ended after Meredith's little brush with death/Denny/Dylan. *nod*

i did give Reaper a try and really liked it. the commercials made it look cheesy and it's not. it's sarcastic and kind of hilarious. i even found myself liking Bret Harrison, which hasn't happened in the guest roles i've seen him in. so i suppose it's been put on the schedule.

Moonlight was the epitome of cheesy and only made worse by use of My Immortal. i will keep watching because i miss seeing Jason Dohring (even though i think his acting was a bit OTT for the pilot) and vampires on my tv. i'm not sure how long i'll keep up with it if it continues to be sucktastic though.

this week? Supernatural!! i'm so excited to see the boys again. there's also FNL, but i've already seen the pilot and i'm worried about certain storylines. that's all i'll say...

suppose i should go do some work.
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FNL 2x01 streaming. fyi.

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CBSHow I Met Your Mother (Sept 24)
NBCChuck (Sept 24) Heroes (Sept 24) Journeyman (Sept 24)
FOXPrison Break (Sept 17)


wow! nothing on tuesday after Eureka goes back on hiatus. that's...weird. i may end up watching Reaper. i don't know...

ABCPushing Daisies (Oct 3) Private Practice (Sept 26) Dirty Sexy Money (Sept 26)
NBCBionic Woman (Sept 26) Life (Sept 26)
CW  Gossip Girl (Sept 19)   

ABCUgly Betty (Sept 27) Grey's Anatomy (Sept 27)
NBCThe Office (Sept 27)
CW  Supernatural (Oct 4)   

thursdays are going to be rough!! i may have to give up GA. don't know that i'm all that broken up about it.

ABCMoonlight (Sept 28)
NBCFriday Night Lights (Oct 5)

ABCBrothers & Sisters (Sept 30)
NBCViva Laughlin (Oct 18)

this season seems a hell of a lot slimmer than usual. i suppose that's because quite a few of the shows i'm going to want to watch won't start until midseason or january. i suppose that will be good for the TiFaux.
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just finished new Who. hoooooooooooooooly shit!

3x10 - Utopia (warning: excessive exclamation points used.) )

that's all i got. in conclusion, !!!!!!
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have not scrolled the flist in a few hours. it will have to wait until the morning.

i just wanted to say that even after my tumultuous relationship with Veronica Mars this past season, that was two fantastic episodes and probably the first time i've ever truly been satisfied with a season finale that this show has done. well done, show. well done.

it really hit me when RT's name came up after the episode. there will be no more new Veronica Mars ever again. i honestly can't believe how much it's affecting me. damn you, CW! damn you RT for not making this season as good as those two final episodes! damn fandom for turning on each other!

gah. i need to go to bed.
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man. finales kill me. The Office was fantastic. though really i could've just watched the last ten minutes or so. Supernatural was edge of my seat, OMG can Jensen be any prettier(?!?!) amazing. just finished watching the Gilmore Girls finale too. what a night of tv. i'm spent.

Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty will have to wait until tomorrow.

in conclusion, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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tv the past couple of nights has been awesome. Heroes has me in such a state of fangirlyness and i can't even vocalize how much i loved it.

AI was pretty fantastic tonight with all Bon Jovi, all the time! Blake just kills me. there were a few weeks there when i was sort of tapping my fingers waiting to see him be Blake, but he brought it tonight and i am the 50% of the audience that Simon said would LOVE it.

for those who are interested, tonight's song. (originally ripped/uploaded by the lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] expatiates.)

i also have to say that i really, really liked tonight's VM. i'm not certain it's on an upward trend, but i definitely felt better about this episode than i have for quite a bit of the season. we'll see how the last eps go. i have semi-spoiled myself, but i've come to realize that reading about something and seeing it happen on my screen are entirely different things. so i'm hanging in there until the bitter end.
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i just watched the first episode of Life on Mars. i'm definitely intrigued. i actually dled it a while back without knowing a thing about it. i just knew people whose tv opinions usually mirrored mine were squeeing about it. i was expecting a sci-fi show and maybe it will lean more towards that in later episodes, but it didn't necessarily feel that way in the first ep. i'm not sure what i'd call it, really. just good television, i suppose.

anyway. am intrigued and will continue watching. the lead actor, john simm, is pretty fantastic. can't wait to see more from him.

there is no point to this post. i just like to mark down, for posterity's sake, when i start watching a new show that has potential to be one of my favorites. plus i know UKers like when we USians get into their tv shows. ;)
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When you see this post, quote Supernatural on your LJ!

"i want you to know, i'm here for you. you brave little soldier. i acknowledge your pain."

(seriously, all of Tall Tales still makes me cry with laughter.)
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i'm not sure i've said so here, but i freaking love Blake Lewis. he's the only contestant i'm voting for and he's probably the only one of the group that i'd buy a cd from. i might make an exception for Chris, but i'd have to hear it before i bought it. Blake's i'd buy on blind faith. last season i wasn't devoted to any one contestant. i voted for whoever i thought did the best that week. this season's entirely different for me. AI has never seen a contestant like Blake. i'm not sure they even realize what a goldmine he is. i honestly don't even think he needs to win to be a superstar, but it'd be freaking amazing if he did.

FNL continues to be one of the best shows of 2006-2007. (sidenote: if you didn't watch, the summer is a perfect time to catch up. believe me, you won't regret it.) that was a phenomenal ending to the season. we just better get more in the fall. do ya hear me NBC? renew. it's not like you're keeping much else around anyway. The Black Donnellys anyone? *shakes head* if it weren't for FNL, Heroes and The Office i'd never watch your network. everything else is entirely missable to me.

extremely brief Lost thoughts under here )


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